By Anonymous: The Helpers Guess Pt.2

Hello Helpers! I bring you another By Anonymous post. Today we will be doing something fun and definitely tricky haha, I asked some Helpers in the Help Force to make a guess about a certain penguin, the Penguin was made about a month ago by a certain member! Who is that certain member? and what are the Helpers guessing? Read the post to find out more 

How does this work?

Some people got asked to guess who made a certain penguin, the penguin was made a month ago, and it was also made by a staff/Jr. staff member. The Helpers will get only one chance to guess who created this amazing looking penguin, also make sure to read until the end of the post to find out who created the penguin!

Guess who made this

The Guesses:

Zenishira: It’s most likely Jo.

Red: Hmm lemme think. Javi?

Javi: oop. uh. oh god. um. let’s see. Choco?

Traffic: Is it BEASTO? 😅

Mantiuxx: giving me dan/foxy vibes. but if I had to choose. dan

FoxyPlayz: I have a feeling it was either javi or manti. Javi

Jonathan: Looks like something Dan would make lol

Mayathefirst: I wanna say Dan

Correct answer: Danplays

Amazing job to those who guessed it correctly, for those who didn’t, maybe next time you will be more lucky. Thank you for reading the post, I hope you enjoyed it, make sure to comment below if you did! :DDD

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