The Dynasty House – Racoco

Hello there Helpers and welcome to today’s post, where we interview some people who achieved so much in the community, and especially earned the dynasty role. Today’s guest is one of a kind, as he is known for being a goofy generous Raccoon who always steals from the HF kitchen, in order to feed his fellow staff members. Ladies and gentlemen welcome today’s interview guest, Racoco!

Racoco joined the Help Force back in 2020, ever since then he is been known for being a goofy and an active person, who is always talking in the chat and making lots of friends. He has grinded through the ranks like a flashy Raccoon and eventually joined the staff ranks of the Help Force, he is known for being an amazing HF achiever as he was always the loyal and active staff member towards the Help Force. He was always known for being the top raccoon fan. after his long service as a staff for almost 2 years he decided to retire at the start of 2023 to focus more on his irl studies. Read the Interview below to find out more about him!

Heyyy Racoco, how are you doing in this amazing day?

Hey! I’m doing pretty well, thank you 😀

Can you start by telling us when did you join the Help Force? and how?

I joined June 2020, during a stamp segment on CPR, i still remember the line chanting that we did back then to get people to join lol

What was the line you chanted to get people?

Well just the ones the staff were telling us to send, since I only attended the stamp segments, I didn’t have to create my own to recruit people Though the one that i still remember is ‘Goggle Big Bad Wool take, over’ (or something similar)

So how did you earn the Dynasty role?

I honestly don’t remember exactly, i think I had already been staff for some time, people just forgot to add it, me included 😭 I have no clue after how long i got it tho

Does it feel special being a dynasty in the Help Force?

in a way, sure, it kinda just reminds me that i’m old and that it’s been a while since i joined the server lmao

Do you have any favorite moment/memory in the Help Force? and if so, can you please share it with us?

Ohh it’s probably the Flash Showdown one, I still remember that Iceberg design so well, and that max was just stunning, the hype was so amazing It’s either that or one of the really important battles, but I can’t remember any right now 😭 blame my amazing memory

Who do you consider your closest friends in HF?

I always hate categorising people like that smh, but i guess it’s the people I’ve been talking to more lately, Ploot, Maya, Eshal, Des, but there’s so many more important people in the server

We know that Mr. Worldwide is your favorite music artist haha, can you tell us your top 3 songs for him?

aaa I actually haven’t listened to him that much lately lmao, and his song names are so embarrassing to say 😭 I do love “I believe that we will win”, great hype song, and the classic DJ got us falling in love, though that’s more of an Usher song

If you had two tickets to go to one of the most luxury restaurants in the world, who would you take with u from HF?

I would go by myself twice, steal the food and bring it back so that more people could enjoy it >:)

Raccoon boy with the moves, would you like to say some final Raccoon noises for the readers of this post?

I would but I don’t know how to translate raccoon noises into words, so just have a great day people 😀

We come to the end of the post everyone! Thank you for reading the post, make sure to like and comment below if you enjoyed it! till the next time 😀

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