Choco’s Sussiest Moments

Choco, everybody’s favourite chocolate bar, is known for his cannibalistic tendencies and his desire for women. Choco often says sus things. While these things are sus, they are even sussier when taken out of context. Here is a collection of Choco’s sussiest moments.

Calling People Hot

Choco is obsessed with calling people hot. While it is mostly females that he calls hot, he is indifferent to calling males hot.

Choco finds so many people hot, but the feeling is never mutual. Perhaps this is a way for him to try and find a girlfriend, or maybe he just views everyone as hot. Nevertheless, Choco calling people hot is very sus.

Choco Simping For Everyone

Choco is a world-renowned simp. His simping energy cannot be contained, but luckily, it is a good morale boost.

Choco must be really desperate, simping for people and calling them hot. Very sus indeed.

Choco Being Choco

it’s not Choco’s fault that he does sus things. He is just naturally sus.

Choco’s desire for women has grown so strong that he would abandon us all for one. What a sus thing to do.

Now Choco is being hypocritical. First, he wants a woman, but now he says that servers with women in them are bad. This is very sus.

CHOCO! How could you be so wrong? Gary cannot be better than Elp as Elp is the greatest.

Staff these days. Can’t eat food without being attacked. This mostly sounds like a skill issue on Choco’s part. Very sus.

Choco has spent almost 4 years in HF and he still cannot deal with Farenheiters on his own. What a sussy skill issue.

The sus thing about this pic is that Choco tries to deny the fact that he likes feet. He claims that he was pretending to be Jo, but we all know that deep down, Choco likes feet.

This is a very strange request that Choco has. Not only does he want someone to drink him, but he also wants Elp, the greatest, to do it.

Choco is known for being against Jo’s tendency to lick people, but when it comes to a certain hippo, Choco can’t help himself. Licking people is normal when Jo does it, but when Choco does it it is extremely sus.

The cats referenced in this image are Snowy’s cats, Petunia and Cleo. Choco not only told Snowy to stay away from her own cats, but he also threatened to punch her if she came too close. This is very sus.

Most people would call this kissing, but Choco denies that they were kissing. He instead called it “huddling” which sounds worse than kissing. If Choco could just get a woman then maybe this wouldn’t have happened.

What we have learnt from today is that Choco can act kinda sus at times. This susness can be easily fixed by giving him a woman. If you are a woman and are willing to help him achieve this goal, his dms are open 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Choco can’t handle Farenheiters 😭 I can’t stop laughing

  2. Makes sure the woman isn’t a Fahrenheiter please

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