The Witty Dreamer’s Handbook – Rooboo sees HF’s Destruction

Welcome, Helpers and Dreamers! It’s The Witty Dreamer’s Handbook here. After an exciting New Year start, we have come up with a new blog column containing a bunch of exciting dreams. It is what you guys have been dreaming of people as part of the HF community.

The Glimpse

Here is a little glimpse of how this new column came into existence. It was in the late evening while playing Overwatch with Vedant when I received a notification from Rooboo that he had a dream about help force and I was the main character in it, which was unbelievable. Later that day, he sent some spoilers in the main chat which we will be seeing soon!

I was surprised to know that people here have dreams about who they have never ever seen in real life! This was really intriguing for me and I had to know what people used to dream about the HF family.
Today, we are here with our lovely Commander ROOBOOooo. YES! You heard it right, he had a dream, and people from HF were part of his dream. Was it really a fancy dream or a scary nightmare? Was it really sussy and hella bussin’?

This is more than enough for an introduction, it’s time to get into the dream world.

The Roouble-Troouble

Rooboo: You somehow had perms to remove the server and basically deface it

JazXD: *Speechless*

Rooboo: Idk why but I kept chasing you with a car it was like fast and furious scenes or action scenes in which two people are racing but one is catching the other. So idk why but I just can’t get you and it keeps going on like this but in the end, we stopped somewhere and it turns out you weren’t the bad guy after all

JazXD: *Still speechless*

The Story Behind

I had been working on creating a virus to infiltrate the HF server and get access to view all the hidden backrooms. Rooboo started noticing unusual activity in the server logs. One day when the unusual activities were at their peak, he directly questioned me if I had been using my permissions and programming skills to cause them. I straightaway denied his accusation. Once he left, I panicked and started running in the other direction. I asked myself why but then realized that it was because I was hiding my guilt of trying to infiltrate HF.

After starting my engine, I took a glance at the rearview mirror and saw a car break through a wall. It was Rooboo swiftly coming towards me in his car, which reminded me of a car chase scene from F&F. We raced up to the point where both of us seemed clueless. He came up to me from the side and dashed into me, throwing both of us out of our cars. When I opened my eyes, it was Rooboo holding a gun to my head. Scared and hurt from the crash, I shouted “I can explain everything!”. He loaded his gun and looked into my eyes and said “Speak, I am listening”.

He was surprised after knowing the truth that it was not me. He walked back to his wrecked car and grabbed his EPF phone and said:

Rooboo reporting. If it’s not Jaz, then who is it?


That’s it for this week’s Witty Dreamer’s Handbook! We will be back with more grandiose dreams.
If anyone likes to share their dream with us, you guys are free to DM me – JazXD#5918.

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