Maya the Imposter

It was another day in the Help Force. The troops were eating food. The staff were trying to eat food. And Maya was being sus as usual. On this particular day, the army fancied a game of Among Us as part of their Sussy Maya event, so a 1 imposter game featuring Choco, Jo, Desireus, Maya, Snowy, Rooboo, and sussy Wynn was created.

As the game started, the group began to grow suspicious of Maya. As everyone did their card swipes one by one, Maya just stood there, watching them menacingly. Once they all finished their card swipes, the group walked out of admin, going to electrical with their numbers to keep them safe. Maya slowly lurked behind, hiding from the others. As a team, the crewmates walked to the back of electrical to do their tasks together. As they were almost done the lights suddenly went out.

The group all walked up to the fuse box to fix the lights. As they flipped the switches one by one the lights started to turn on. Once the power was fully restored they noticed something. Desireus shouted, “What in the coconut?”. The group was flabbergasted at this horrific sight. Choco’s dead body was laying next to the fuse box. It was a stack kill.

“Not my manager!”, exclaimed Snowy. “Who’s going to manage me and look after my cats?”.

No one responded, all of them in too much shock to answer. “There is an imposter among us”, stated Wynn. The group stood still for a while before turning their heads to the doorway. As they turned they saw Maya standing there. They immediately knew what to do. Jo walked up to the body and reported it.

At the meeting, Maya knew what was going to happen. “Before you vote I would like to say something”, said Maya, knowing that she had to defend herself before she was voted off.  Maya turned to face the others. “Remember when I watched you all to keep you safe as you were swiping your cards”, exclaimed Maya. “Why would I spend my time watching over you if I was the imposter?”

Rooboo turned to Maya and said, “That was kinda creepy”. “Yeah, I thought that you were about to slice my throat”, Wynn added. Maya started to tremble, she knew that she was innocent. “Hang on you coconuts”, said Desireus, butting in. “Maya was standing in the hallway, far away from the body”.

“You’re right”, Snowy responded. “Although Maya could’ve killed Choco and then ran away to the hallway, it would be unlikely for none of us to notice”.

“We have 6 people left so it would be safer to vote to skip”, deducted Rooboo. “There’s a 5 in 6 chance of us being wrong so we should wait for more evidence and just be weary of Maya”.

Maya sighed a sigh of relief as the group agreed with Rooboo and voted to skip.

As the emergency meeting concluded, the group split up. Snowy and Wynn went to medbay together, watching each other do their med scan task. Desireus, Jo, and Rooboo went to electrical to finish the tasks that the light sabotage interrupted. As they were doing their tasks the light went out again.

Desireus, Jo, and Rooboo rushed to fix it, struggling to flip the switches in the right direction. As soon as they flipped the last switch to fix the lights, a body was reported. Wynn was dead and Snowy reported her body. As soon as the meeting started, Snowy accused Maya, stating that Maya was the only person that was alone. Maya got defensive, saying, “Smh you were with Wynn and could’ve killed her and then self-reported”. “I would never hurt Wynn”, Snowy responded.

The reasonable Rooboo suggested that since no one witnessed the killing they should vote to skip. After all, voting both Maya and Snowy off would leave only 3 people left and it still wouldn’t guarantee that we vote out the imposter. The rest of the group reluctantly agreed, desperate to catch the imposter.

In the next round, the group stayed away from Maya and Snowy. Desireus, who was a big Rooboo simp, followed Rooboo to security to watch the cams together. They glared at the camera to see Jo dancing outside electrical. Sussy Jo imagine not finishing your tasks.

Suddenly, the comms were sabotaged. The cameras were down. Desireus and Rooboo could no longer watch Jo’s sexy dancing. Just as hope was lost, the comms were fixed. Unfortunately, Jo was no longer dancing on cams. Instead of Jo, there was a dead body. Jo’s dead body with Snowy standing next to it.

Desireus and Rooboo rushed to report the body. At the meeting, Desireus and Rooboo both reported their findings. Snowy was unaware of what had happened saying, “I was feeding Petunia and Cleo and now someone is dead uwu”.

Desireus and Rooboo considered her alibi and thought it was plausible, considering she stood perfectly still after Jo was killed as if she was AFK. Desireus and Rooboo wanted to question Maya next but they soon realised that Maya was also dead. It was a double kill.

Snowy was the only suspect now and they had to vote. Only Desireus, Rooboo, and Snowy were alive, meaning all the imposter had to do was sabotage the reactor and then kill 1 person. Desireus and Rooboo were together almost the entire game so they were sure that they were both crewmates. This left only one person to vote for.

“Your time is up uwu”, said Desireus. “Surrender now and we’ll give you a quick death uwu”, added Rooboo. “Please don’t kill me I have to look after my cats uwu”, responded Snowy. It was too late for Snowy. As Snowy was ejected from the ship, the crewmates awaited their victory.


“What?”, shouted Rooboo, confused as to what had happened. He slowly turned to Desireus who was staring at him. “It was me all along”, said Desireus. “I win!” The crewmates were in awe. “But you were with me the entire time”, stated Rooboo. “Was I?”, Des responded.

Des started explaining what had happened. “Choco’s death was a stack kill, Maya just happened to look sus like she usually does. When I killed Wynn, I vented from electric into medbay to kill her then I quickly vented back to meet up with Rooboo at the fuse box to give myself a solid alibi”.

“What about when Maya and Jo were killed?”, questioned Rooboo. “You were with me on cams the whole time”. Desireus responded, “Not the whole time. When I sabotaged comms, you were still watching the cams, not noticing that I had left. I killed Maya in the hallway and then went to find Jo. I then found where Jo was dancing and killed him. I turned around and saw Snowy staring at me. Luckily, it seemed like she was AFK.”

“When Snowy came back from feeding her cats, she somehow didn’t see Jo’s dead body in front of her so she went to fix comms. I used this time to get back to the office, and by the time comms were fixed, I was standing next to Rooboo. As the cams came back on, Snowy, who had just left comms, was standing next to Jo’s body, AFK once more. Her cats must’ve been hungry”.

The crewmates were in shock that Desireus, the coconut man, was the imposter all along. This just shows how you can’t trust anyone.


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