Christmas letters for Santa Elp!

Hello comrades! As you all know, Christmas is almost upon us, and as tradition the staff members get to write letters to Santa Elp which he will read and reply to, and see if they will be granted their wish or punished for such foolishness. Staff can ask for whatever they want, so keep on reading to see what they wrote!

Let’s read some letters, shall we?


Dear Selene,

No food for staff. Those are the rules. For asking for food you will receive coal and extra hours in the mines during Christmas. But I will grant you more chaos.


Dear Zenishira,

That’s… an oddly specific request but sadly I cannot give you it because it’s $30 and my budget is only $2.78.

Nevertheless, intelligence is something one has to train every day. Whether it be alone, with family, friends or at work, our own skills are developed as we grow as a person. Problem solving will come along when you study and practice. Discipline is necessary, sacrifices have to be made, and you will achieve anything you want. Also, the war crimes fine will come off your salary and Christmas bonus.


Dear Nightfury,



Dear Snowy,

What a strange thing to accuse me of. The status of the place I have my people working is in perfect conditions according to the Greatest Laws of our Glorious Gracious Motherland. The requirements are necessary in order for the elves to keep growing and doing what they are not and to prevent insurrections and silly revolts or strikes. Your threats don’t scare me, nor does the PETE, if you want to go to court I will sue you while I will be the presiding judge. Also, I haven’t received your tax returns yet… the FTCGT&TGGM is waiting. Please hand them over before the year ends if you want to see your cat again.


Dear Jo,

I can not guarantee Choco’s safety. Nevertheless, if they have paid their crime fines & taxes there is nothing they should be afraid of. Eventually, if people are hungry and are craving for something sweet, Choco can be given some running shoes to keep escaping from those people. 


Well folks, that’s all the time Santa Elp has. It is time to keep working on the millions of presents and chaos that is being prepared for Christmas.

What would YOU ask Santa Elp for Christmas? Leave it in the comments below!

Hope you all have happy holidays and a merry chaos! And remember, Elp is the greatest!



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  1. Yes.

  2. I want Elp and Ayan to be my parents so I can marry Pavle. Ty.

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