Zenishira and Chocolate Bar Join Staff Team

ZIPLINE – HF CAPITAL: Shortly after the M&M retirement, Help Force welcomed two new staff into its ranks as Generals. Choco and Zenishira, during today’s AUSIA training. Both new staff have worked hard during their tenures as juniors and have certainly earned their place as staff. Zen is often found deep in the mines as he recruits for the Motherland, while Choco can be seen attacking anyone who comes near him. I reached out to both Zen and Choco for comment on their promotion.

Zen: You know, if you were to ask the staff a year ago if I had any chances at being a mod, they would laugh. They knew I was kind of rowdy and that I had a fiery temper. I was angry because I didn’t like the state Help Force was in, so this was my way of reaching out to them. Back when Wynn was commander, I told her that I was tired of being just a mere troop, doing grunt work, having no greater meaning within Help Force. I know that, during the Jr. Staff applications, the HCOM were quite hesitant to put me in. A few days later, Wynn approached me, telling me that “we need to have a talk”. Sensing that I once again broke some rule I didn’t know of, I was instead left surprised: “I vouched for you”, she said “you will become a junior. But for the love of god, you need to take into account all that i told you before bc you have only one chance!” I solemnly responded with “I will try to serve Help Force with all the power I can muster. As long as I have these two hands, I shall do whatever I must, Wynn”. And so, on the 27th of March, I got promoted to Brigadier. From there, I started working on things such as getting my first Gamer of The Week award, I started recruiting more, I guided new troops into how to get our uniform and helped them take their first steps into the Battleground, just how a Valkyrie leads the souls to Valhalla. Along my journey I’ve made new friends, each with their distinct personalities that made them unique in their own way: Be it Elia, the wise Frog, Choco and Jo the comedic duo, Dan and Foxy the promising newcomers, the artistic Nightfury, and many more. Now that I am finally Staff, I have the tools and the possibility to achieve more within HF and to learn about its hierarchy. All in all, ambition and persistence pave the path to success.

Choco: I would like to say a few words quoted from the wise Jo on the matter.

“You are a very tasty person”

No, I don’t know if he was referring to me or snowy but regardless the point still stands.

Thank you sussy people for letting your now favourite chocolate bar be apart of the community that I am now honoured to climb the ranks in. I am in dire need of food. Snowy scammed me.

As always Elp is the greatest.

Thought-provoking insight. The following staff have this to say about the promotions:

Rooboo: Zen is someone whom I’ve been really interested in, simply because his work ethic is truly remarkable. You can easily tell by his dedication that he really wants it. He is such a master at what he does and he truly has high hopes and dreams of the army. I always am inspired by many of his many talents. Be it recruiting and knowing how to let new troops involved and understand the server. Easily winning the troops’ attention, simply by making a Club Penguin account. Nothing truly beats someone who really wants it because nobody will stop him.

Choco is someone who’s beyond an OG in the force. Not only has he won the people, he never failed to create such a wonderful atmosphere wherever he is. He knows how to do many stuff and I totally believe he’ll just rise from where he is. His longevity speaks for him, for he lived for many HF generations and to many more. I’m always inspired by his marvelous presence because it’s not easy to be a present, kind, helpful, and reliable person like he is.

Javi: have fun being staff! keep up the good work and you’ll soon be commanders, you guys have potential. also dont get demoted on your first day like i did

Jo: They are both very tasty people

Congrats to the newly promoted! Your new rank is well deserved, and I can’t wait to see how far you two can go.

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  1. Choco is sussy

  2. Snowy is sussy

  3. Choco is sussy but Zenshira is my homie

  4. The staff team is tastier than ever

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