Maya and Mantiuxx’s Freedom Event

ZIPLINE – HF CAPITAL: Last weekend, we said goodbye to Maya and Mantiuxx as they stepped down from their positions as staff. Although they retired, I managed to spam their dms enough to be able to make this post.

Maya joined the staff team over two years ago, and she climbed all the way up to second-in-command. Her contributions to the army throughout many tournaments and wars have been crucial and much appreciated. Mantiuxx joined the staff team a year ago, and although he spent most of that time bullying Nervous, his dedication and hard work has helped to support HF. They each had this to say about their retirement:

Maya – Being 2ic was honestly something I’ve never thought I would get being staff in HF. I didnt think I would make it 2 years as staff and make it into Hcom either. I’m very thankful for being able to see how it truly is leading an army. I learned alot from being staff and Hcom and I wouldnt take it back getting to lead an incredible army with amazing friends I met here along the way. I will miss waking up to the chaos of event planning and dms, watching the chats and joining the conversations, and leading events, tournaments and the wars with staff, the chaos hours of US espically that we always had when we were bored and had nothing better to do. However, I know Snowy, Rooboo and Desireus will lead this army and prove that we are still the strong powerful army when we all joined the army.

Mantiuxx – Bye bitches

Why did you leave me alone with Javi as US staff?

Maya – Idk snowy, this is why we told you to retire with us to make it a triple US retirement

Mantiuxx – Because you fired me

How much food did you steal on your way out? Be honest

Maya We stole alot at this point, im not surprised you didnt know all the broken things in your office.

Mantiuxx As much as the stars in the sky

What are you going to do with the overwhelming amount of free time you now have?

Maya – Bug snowy more about our free time and random things

Mantiuxx – Sleep

Is there any advice you’d like to give current staff?

Maya – Dont give up on getting promoted to Hcom or Commander because it will take time and hard work but is worth it at the end to truly know what it means to be leading an army this big.

Mantiuxx – Leave ASAP

Thank you for the kind words, Maya! Mantiuxx, please see me after. Thank you for reading, Helpers, and remember to comment below your thoughts on these two retiring.

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  1. Smh Maya

  2. Smh Maya

  3. Great advice Manti

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