The Dynasty House – Mayathefirst

Hello amazing Helpers! Today on The Dynasty House, we are going to interview one of the most sussy people in the Help Force, someone who has been around for a long time and always active in the chats. Please everyone welcome today’s guest, Mayathefirst!

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Maya and Mantiuxx’s Freedom Event

ZIPLINE – HF CAPITAL: Last weekend, we said goodbye to Maya and Mantiuxx as they stepped down from their positions as staff. Although they retired, I managed to spam their dms enough to be able to make this post.

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Greetings everyone! On Sunday we logged onto CPR for the Crystal New Year Bonzana! At the event, we battled amongst numerous different armies and we got third place! The event was a great success! Thank you everyone for coming, thank you Scorpion Demon, Mayathefirst, and ROOBOO for leading and congratulations to all the winners!

MAX: 23+

Comment below if you attended!


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