Veteran’s Lounge: Tistle

Welcome helpers to a brand new series, brought to you by the Cheesiest Demon, The Scorpiest Mac…. MAISIE AND SCORP! Each week we will be interviewing our valued veterans, where they look back on their leadership, sharing memories, advice and secrets (like how to retire – take notes Maya)  This week I stole the reigns from Scorp and interviewed HF Trustee and the founder of Tistle Tours, TISTLE!!

Tistle is famous as one of the most successful Commanders of the Help Force. He truly brought Help Force to the big leagues, with victories against giants Doritos and Dark Warriors in Legends Cup X. He also led HF to victory during the RFCP war, and laid the foundations for the future generations of HF. He currently serves as a Trustee – one of the admins who advises the commanders on certain important decisions.

First of all would you like to introduce yourself Tistle?
My name is Tistle I’ve been in Help Force for nearly 3 full years. I was leader in October-January 2019, stopped briefly and returned from February to August 2020. I’m a stalwart in the hall of fame and my most proud achievement was reaching the Legends Cup X final after defeating Doritos
Since you have been in HF for a long time what would you say the biggest thing you’ve learnt from your time here?
 I think just looking back and seeing how much I’ve changed in ways like how I spoke and interacted, how I dealt with situations etc, the difference is shocking. As far as skills go, my general communication and team leading skills have definitely improved a lot from being in HF
 Self Improvement is always good! Talking of changes what do you think the biggest change you made to HF was?
 I don’t think there was any single change but a plethera of changes from general server revamps, the launch of HFI, staff stamps – the list goes on. Although these things may not exist anymore, they were revolutionary at the time and laid the foundation for the next generations of helpers to take the army forward
HFI was legendary! What was your main goals when you were commander?
 I think any leader’s goal would be to win tournaments and place #1 in the weekly armies. For me, contributing to the army in a unique way to make it a better place was always of major importance
What would you say the hardest part of your time as commander was?
It’s a big commitment to be an army leader, devoting several hours a day to running an army. It’s the primary reason why leaders retire, especially with busy lives outside of armies. Finding a good divide between armies and real life is a difficult balance to reach for some people
 What advice would you give for members looking to be more active or maybe even become staff?
 Simply chat and be friendly a face around the force, and attend events when you can! Staff will 100% notice you if you show your best side
 And finally Tistle what was the best advice anyone gave you?
Ayan gave me a lot of advice during my leadership and the main thing is that the grind never stops, there’s always room to improve
That just about concludes everything unless you have anything else you would like to say Tistle?
Elp is the greatest

That’s all folks! There isn’t anything else for me to add other than have a chaotic day and Elp is the Greatest

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