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Welcome back to this week’s Faces of the Force! This week we have a special new member of Help Force. He is an active new face who is showing promising enthusiasm and commitment! He is also steadily ranking up and could potentially become your new best buddy! Introducing this week to the Faces of the Force, Elia the Frog!

Elia the Frog is a new member who shows so much excitement, whether it is for an event or just hyping everyone. He adjusted into Help Force very well because he loves helping people! Another enthusiastic helper, Elia the Frog has already won the GoTW title, and is even aiming to become junior staff! When did he join and what are his other interests? Read on to find out more!

Hi elia!!! How are you doing today?

Hi! Im doing good, thank you! How about you?

About your name, why are you elia the frog?

I got the name from the Operation: Mahna Mahna. After the event concluded, we watched The Muppets Movie, and I really enjoyed it, and I saw one particular character that I liked the most: Kermit the Frog. So, I took the idea of becoming a frog, and I became Elia the Frog

Was operation mahna mahna the first event you attended?

No, the first event that I attended was Operation: Imposter Inquisition, or the event before that.

Did you have a favorite event or is that event above where you got your name the best one?

Yes, Operation: Mahna Mahna is one of my favorites, but I also have a few more, like Operation: Missing Christmas, where we got to dress up as Merry Walrus and wish everyone a merry christmas in May. I also really liked the Operation: Crab Cowabunga, where we got to dress up as blue crabs and basically pretend to be a blue version of Klutzy (from my perspective). All of the events that I have attended were truly amazing but those are my favorites.

If you could name an event what would you name it?

If I could name an event, I would probably name it “Operation: Mahna Fury” (referring to Operation: Mahna Mahna and Operation: Blue Fury). It sounds good! It would be just like Operation: Mahna Mahna but better (edited)

When did you join Help Force?

I think it was about the time when Club Penguin Battlegrounds opened, so April 23rd 2022

Do you remember who recruited you?

It was one of my friends called Mint. She told me there is a beta party going on there so I checked it out and she invited me to Help Force, and thats how I became a troop

What’s keeping you interested? What do you like about help force?

There’s so many things about Help Force that keeps me interested in it and makes it an outstanding army. The community is like a family and everyone is so nice to each other that I even interact with other people and they are really kind to me too. I love the amazing events that Help Force hosts and I also really like the fun events and activities that are going on in the army. Its also a great server for
communicating with other people and if you ever feel alone there, someone will just come and make your day better. Overall, this army is the best server I have ever seen and its just so charming here that it makes me feel safe in there. The staff team is outstanding as well. They will try help you with everything they can, along with other members of the Help Force. There’s so many more things that I like about Help Force, and the list will just keep going on and on.

what made you feel like you want to join Junior staff? and not get fed

Great question! Yes, I did want to apply for Junior Staff because I really wanna help out Help Force so that it becomes more active, more members join, and the army just becomes the best. The things that made me feel that I want to help out the army is that its an outstanding army and I can see great potential in it, getting on the top of all the other armies, and I can see why most people want to join Help Force. I completely understand that the staff members also dont get fed. As I said already, the list just gets bigger and bigger every time there’s something new in Help Force, and I could continue explaining but that would definitely take years haha.

Did you also play club penguin as a child?

Yeah I remember playing Club Penguin in around 2011 and I really adored the community. Help Force reminds me of the community aspect that was in Club Penguin and that’s just very touching to me. I’m really glad to be in it.

What is your favorite CP game?

Definitely Cart Surfer. One of the CP games that I really didn’t like was Pizzatron 3000 though. You had to move your cursor so fast to make those pizzas, and I never really got the stamp. I do remember in CPR I did get all the stamps in the game but that was around when it was already shutting down.

What was the best stamp you accomplished?

The best stamp I ever accomplished was definitely the Dessert Chef stamp. You had to make 40 candy pizzas in Pizzatron 3000, and when I finally got it, I was really relieved. After that, I quit Pizzatron 3000 forever. You know its just so frustrating.

Would you like to share any other hobbies you have?

Sure! Well, I like playing a lot of video games, not only Club Penguin, such as Bonk and more (although Club Penguin is the best game I’ve ever played.) I also like being nice to people and just try help them out with everything I can. One of my brand new hobbies is helping out Help Force with events such as the recruiting segments and the arcadium games. I don’t really have any other interesting hobbies to share.

Do you have a favorite movie or tv series?

Well I remember watching The Muppets Show before and it was my favorite TV series since (its really just a TV show). I didn’t have a favorite movie before but now I just like every frog-related movie, mostly The Muppets. I watched all of the movies of The Muppets and they were really great and I suggest you watch them.

Any favorite food you like to eat?

Chicken and corn are my favorites, separately

What country would you like to visit the most?

To be honest I would like to visit Japan the most. I really wanna see the amazing views of it. I also want to visit Antarctica to see some penguins as they are really adorable

Is penguins your favorite animal?

Yeah but Cats are also my favorite.

Do you have a favorite season?

Yes! It is Summer because I get to have holidays and its really sunny. Although I also like Winter

Lastly, what would you like to tell fellow helpers of help force?

I would like to say a great thank you to all of the helpers of the Help Force. You guys are the people who keep the army alive and thrive to be the best, and help out everyone in the community. As we develop on and progress further, I would like for you, fellow helpers, to never give up and never let yourselves down, as you all are amazing members and you are appreciated. Thank you.

That’s it for this week’s Face of the Force! If you run into Elia the Frog, give a friendly ribbit and croak! Remember to leave a like and a comment if you enjoyed reading so far. Tune in next week for another Face of the Force!

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