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Original Stories – The Sus Disease

It was a seemingly normal Friday afternoon in the Help Force. Most of the staff were planning what events to host over the weekend, and the ones that were sent to the mines for hoarding food were busy trying to keep warm in the harsh winter, by crowding around a bottle of hot sauce. However, something was a bit.. off with some of the commanders, and the newly indoctrinated staff wanted to get to the bottom of this sudden change.

The staff were busy trying to figure out the outfits for the event, when Snowy suddenly said,

“Remember to give the staff some food after the event.”

The discussion came to a screeching halt and everyone turned to stare at Snowy. 

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Snowy asked. “All I said was that we should give out some food, the staff are clearly starving. I think we should all eat ketchup cookies.”

At first everyone was celebrating, happy that they finally got to eat something for the first time in months, but after a few seconds of thought, confusion ensued. 

“Snowy, you hate ketchup cookies, remember? Why do you suddenly like them now?” Nervous asked, slightly scared. 

“What do you mean? I’ve loved ketchup cookies for ages,” Snowy said in a calm tone. 

Desireus immediately got up and threw a coconut at her head, knocking her out. “Don’t go close to Snowy! I’ve seen this before, it’s the sus disease!”

“Of course Desisus is the one who knows about this thing, he is sus after all,” Javi remarked. “Besides, is this real or did you just want an excuse to throw a coconut at someone?”

“It’s real and dangerous,” Desireus said with a serious tone. “We have to bring Snowy to the mines and keep her away from everyone until we can figure out how she became sus in the first place”.

The staff helped to bring Snowy to the mines, all while being very perplexed. What is the sus disease? How did Snowy get it? Where is Maya the Su-

“HEY! Where’s Maya?” Mantiuxx exclaimed. “We haven’t seen her all day, and it’s funny that the moment she doesn’t show up, Snowy is sus.”

“I saw her this morning, she was mumbling to herself about hating lollipops or something like that, I wasn’t really paying attention since i was thinking about how much money to gamble today,” Javi said.

“That is very sus of Maya to say, she likes lollipops. Maybe she’s patient zero of the sus disease! We have to find her!” Desisus said in a panicked tone.

The staff began to run around frantically, trying to find Maya the sus. They searched everywhere, from the Help force house, to the iceberg, but to no avail. During their search, Desireus explained that if they can find Maya, he can give her an anti sus medicine, which he termed as “voting her out for being sus”. If the main source of the sus disease is successfully eliminated with that cure, all the other sus members can be cured with it as well. The staff took a break at the bot channel casino to get some pina colada, where Javi surprisingly ignored all the gambling games.

“Wow Javi, no gambling? I’m pretty shocked,” Plotter said while chuckling.

“Gambling is dumb,” Javi said scornfully. “It’s just a thing where you lose your money. I’m going to be responsible and quit gambling forever, I’m not sure why I gambled in the first place.”

Desirous threw a coconut at Javi, and she suffered the same fate as Snowy. “She has the sus disease! I saw her gambling all her money away with “roulette all red” just an hour ago, there’s no way she had this sudden change of heart.”

Once again, the staff went into the mines, and locked Javi up. “Any one of us could be next, be careful guys,” Desireus said.

One by one, the staff succumbed to the sus. Nervous slapped Javi earlier because she stole some bot money from her and gambled it all, thus catching the sus from her. Desireus had to throw a coconut at Nervous Hippo when she said that she didn’t feel annoyed when she was called a hippo and thought they were cute, and also did not want to gamble. Then, Rooboo started to act mean towards everyone, and he got hit in the head with a coconut as well. It continued until Desireus, Plotter and Mantiuxx were the only people that weren’t sus.

“Sigh, i don’t think we’ll ever find Maya, honk”, said Plotter defeatedly. “Maybe she vented away or something.”

“Maybe that’s it!” Desireus shouted. “We haven’t checked the vents yet, come on guys!”

The trio went into the vents where they saw Maya cleaning them, mumbling the lyrics to “Among us in real life” to herself. Desireus sprayed the antidote into Maya’s face, and she finally came to her senses.

“How long have I been down here for?” Maya asked. 

“The entire day Maya,” Mantiuxx replied. “We couldn’t find you anywhere.” 

“You made the majority of the staff team sus again. What did you do this time?” Desireus asked, slightly annoyed.

“Well, just like the last time where I infected the previous staff team, I got imposter too many times until I caught the sus. Sorry for all the trouble guys,” Maya said.

“It’s fine, at least now I can use the antidote on everyone else,” Desireus said.


Desireus quickly gave everyone the cure to the Sus disease, and everything went back to normal. Maya was careful not to be too sus like this again, and no one would ever forget the day of the Sus disease.

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