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The Origin of the Name: Mayathefirst

ZIPLINE, Help Force Headquarters- In an online community like ours, names are quite an important aspect of anyone’s profile. They are the first impression of an individual. Help Force staff members are the representatives of the army, and the impression they make is extremely important. In this post, we will be delving into the story behind the names of one of our amazing staff members.

Mayathefirst is currently one of the Second in Commands of the Help Force. She is one of the friendliest and most active US members we have! Regardless of the time, she can be seen in the chat interacting with everyone (she really needs to get some sleep). Maya is also famous for being part of the Twin Oreos duo – the other twin being Snowy. Another thing you should know about Maya is that she has never VC led an event. She also co-owns a secret coconut plantation with Desi. Both 2ics can be seen blatantly distributing coconuts to random troops >:( Her most common catchphrase could possibly be “smh snowy”.

That’s more than most members’ total messages in this server!

To find out more about the reason behind her picking the name “Mayathefirst”, I decided to capture her with the help of a cookie jar.

Hey Mayathefirst! So what is the story behind your name?

Hi! It was my first penguin name for CPR, and I just wanted to do something different because back in old cp, I would do like a random name and numbers, and so I kind of thought of this username and went with it.

Have you ever wanted to switch to a different username?

I never really wanted to use another name, maybe besides just having Maya instead of the first lol.

Has anyone ever misspelt your name? 

Haha luckily no-

Scorp: moya, mayo, mya, etc.

How did you end up as the Sus Queen in HF?

Oh no.

So, I don’t really remember how it started, but when the highest role in hf was major, we had this major channel for just everyone that was major and we would talk and spam there a lot because it was a secret channel and we would play among us there, and after playing a bunch of rounds people started calling me sus for getting killed first and it just stuck.

I heard something about you also being the Lollipop Queen, could you tell us more?

Back when we had CP armies as a server, we use to have events and fun games on there. The one day we did a fashion show, and Rooboo, me and some other staff went to go join or to watch. While we were watching, we were bored and so we started to kid around and dressing up in whatever outfits and items we had in our inventory. Back in CP armies u could add any item or clothing to yourself. So, I had some food hand items in my inventory, and so I started dressing my penguin with them. RooBoo liked my lollipops and decided to start trying to take them and lick them. So then, RooBoo and I started running around chasing each other and everyone thought it was funny. Thats how I became known as the lollipop queen.

 What is it like having Snowy as your twin?

It’s pretty nice, because Snowy and I became really close friends once she got staff. We did everything together and ranked up together and that’s kind of how we became known as twins.

What is it like blogging Food for the Soul for Help Force?

It’s actually fun because I get to write about food and see what other people’s culture and favorite receives are.

Mayathefirst continues to spread food and joy around the server, with her unique username. She may also be guilty of causing chaos, but its obvious that if there’s chaos, Elp is the one to blame. Even if he’s not the one who started it. It’s always Elp. Good luck with your future, Mayathefirst who is second in command!


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