Hello Everyone! Today we started the new era and for the first time logged onto CPA Battleground. We were also the first army to test that new server. Thank you everyone for coming and Diwix, Desireus and Yoda for leading!

MAX: 34+ 

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41 Responses

  1. I’ve been on that event!

  2. I came


  3. I attended!

  4. i was attended

  5. I Attended!

  6. E

  7. I was there!

  8. I attended!
    Discord username: WiminHolo#5278
    CP name: Wiminn

  9. Jackie༘#9344
    yuh i attended

  10. I attended, FooFee112

  11. i came! it was so much fun! @skeppy08

  12. I came! Amazing event!

  13. i attended and lagged

  14. i attented, i balling#5088

  15. Jackie༘#9344
    the uhm site lagged-
    but i attended

  16. Delitager#5961
    I attended
    Lovely event!

  17. I attended, infraab I’VE BEEN ON PHOTO!!!

  18. commenting on event posts because desireus is forcing us. I should get coconuts for this. – Choco

  19. First event on cpa 🙂

  20. I attended, Elia If

  21. commenting because desirerus is forcing us. I should get coconuts for this. – Choco

  22. i attended skeppy08 wooooo

  23. I attended, Mint

  24. i will go into the sapphires shop and i will buy the sapphires shop. i am too smart for this.

  25. I attended
    Discord: WiminHolo#5278
    CP name: Wiminn

  26. I attended!

  27. Attended. A very coconut event 🥥

  28. my first event since the dinosaurs died, neo4ceo

  29. I attended

  30. attended 😀 😀 😀
    CPAB: Mogi4

  31. Been there! Thank you all for coming!

  32. Hey there, I did attend, WHOOP WHOOP

  33. DID ATTEND, Ani Sangpa here WOOOOO

  34. I ATTENDED, Brigadier Anish Sangpa sire.

  35. I attended! Amazing first event on CPAB!!

  36. I attended!

  37. I attended! Mint#6806. In game Mint

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