Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Desireus and Archana, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other!

Let’s begin by learning a bit more about them and their friendship!

Welcome to Double Trouble Desireus and Archana!

Archana: Heloooo

Desireus: Hellooooooooooooooooooooo

So how do you guys feel being here together?

Archana: This is kinda scary.. but exciting

Desireus: It is my absolute honour to be interviewed for a famous blog 

Haha, so for our first question, how did you guys first meet each other?

Archana: Hm.. I think it’s the time when he dmed me about the Roblox hosting.. that was my first time hosting Roblox I’m just a co-host but still hosting. He helped me at that time with the announcement and stuff 😀

Desireus: Alright so long story short, I was actively hosting Roblox events, and she was quite an active attendee then like after every Roblox event I’d ask people who attended to DM me and there she was frequently dming me xD

Ooh, what do you think is your favourite Roblox game together?

Archana: KAT xD We play that game when we don’t have any Roblox event.. he’s always my target but he doesn’t know that 

Desireus: Yeah I’d have to agree with her, it was our common interest, like she was pretty addicted to the game, and I slowly got addicted to it too and we started playing with each other more often. Little did she know she was always my main target as well

Ooh xD, I’ve seen that game in the list haha. So how did you guys become so close?

Desireus: I think for me it was because our very common music taste xD, like I used to always join her in VC listening to music because she was listening to some of my favourite songs, eventually we would listen to music more often together 😀

Archana: I’m not really sure about this, but when I dmed him about the Roblox event we just started talking about random stuff. I think it’s also about the Japanese status. OH YES THE MUSIC I was about to say that too-

Desireus: I was about to say about the Japanese statuses too JDASJKDHASJD

Hahaa, do you both have a car you love?

Desireus: Yes, I believe that would be the Aston Martin Valkyrie, she really liked it when I showed a picture of it and I have to agree too it’s a really SWAG car

Archana: Oh.. JDSKDJSA I like every car that I see but that one Aston Martin Valkyrie is just :chefkiss: very pretty

Ooh, so do you guys have any favourite memories which you did together in or out HF?

Desireus: I think my absolute favourite would be hosting events with her, like every time I needed a co-host to host with, she’d always be there to help

Archana: There are a lot of good memories 😀 I can’t even think of anything-

Desireus. She really kept her word

Archana: Loving this fyp

Desireus: LOL I legit didn’t know what fyp meant, front yard pictures superior 

LOL, do you guys have any nicknames for each other?

Archana: Diserious, sir flop, but I always call him as monke or sus

Desireus: Yes of course, sometimes I like to call her monke, or sus monke as well and also miss Arkana 😀

Ooh so, what if for one day you two swapped each other’s interest (like Archana for cars and Des for bot money gambling)

Archana: Oh my.. I will really spend my day just learning stuff about cars. I want to know smth about cars but I’m too lazy and dumb to understand anything about it, a day will be really helpful for me 😀

Desireus: I know that she really likes to read manga all day, so If I were to do that it would probably be tough for me cuz I dont like reading :haha:

 Oop xD So before we end would you guys like to say anything to the readers?

Desireus: Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you Dhanush and Pingu for giving us the opportunity for this interview :D, have a :pineapple: day anddddddd #AUSIAUNLEASHED BABYYYYYY. Also, anything can happen at anytime remember that

Archana: Oo helo peopleee, uhmm its really fun to be part of this interview xD The questions are good too loving it I don’t really have anything to say here and thank you to Dhanush and Pingu for this. Yes enjoy reading this monke interview 😀 Have a :mango: day everyone! ^^

And I hope that you too have a pineapple and mango day. #AUSIAUNLEASHED BABYYYY!!!! So that’s the interview! It’s now time to move onto the second part of this post, the friendship test. Des and Archana will answer 6 random questions about themselves. Afterwards, they will be asked the same question but instead answer with what they think the other person said. At the end, they will receive a score depending on how well they did.

Would you rather go for a run or to the gym?

Desireus: Run

Archana: Uh.. run because it’s much easier than the gym 

Board games or video games?

Desireus: Video games

Archana: Video games

What subject do you enjoy the most? Maths, art class, or a language?

Desireus: Maths

Archana: Language 😀

Iced coffee, hot coffee, or no coffee?

Desireus: No coffee

Archana: Iced coffee and hot coffee any coffee would do 😛

What superpower would you rather have? Invisibility, being able to fly, time travel, or weather control?

Desireus: Time travel

Archana: Time travel 

What’s the best animal? Cats, dogs, penguins, or snakes?

Desireus: Cats

Archana: CATS AND DOGS!!

Now that we have all of the answers, it’s time to see what they think each other answered!

Would Archana/Desireus rather go for a run or to the gym?

Desireus: Run 

Archana: I think he will go to the gym- (Correct answer: run)

Does he/she prefer board games or video games?

Desireus: Video games

Archana: Video games

What subject does he/she enjoy the most? Maths, art class, or a language?

Desireus: Art class (Correct answer: language)

Archana: Art class (?) D’: (Correct answer: maths)

Iced coffee, hot coffee, or no coffee for Des/Archana?

Desireus: Hot coffee 

Archana: No coffee

What superpower would she rather have? Invisibility, being able to fly, time travel, or weather control?

Desireus: Weather control (Correct answer: time travel)

Archana: Time travel

And lastly, what animal does he like more? Cats, dogs, penguins, or snakes?

Desireus: Cats

Archana: Cats

Tysm! Hope you have a great day/night <33

Desireus: Np, you tooo 

Archana: U too! ^^

And that’s it for today! Des and Archana got a score of… 66.7 % It’s now time to wrap up this week’s edition of Double Trouble, and I really hope you enjoyed the post! We will be back next week with more exciting interviews!

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now, 

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