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Updated HF Uniform: February 2022

Hello Helpers!

For the Combat Specialty Corps and AUSIA Arena semifinals, we will be using a different uniform. Get this new uniform on CPRewritten and get ready for battle!

How to earn coins on CPRewritten?

There are a few mini-games you can play to earn coins, for example – Cart Surfer and Puffle Roundup. You can also get a large amount of coins very quickly by mining.
A total of 450 Coins are needed for this uniform!

Location of the Items: Gift Shop

Color: Dark Blue
(Gift Shop Catalogue)

Body Item: Commander’s Outfit
(Gift Shop)

And that’s it! All the other items are of your choice. You can also get the Blue Electric Bass from the Lighthouse Catalogue and remember – do not wear shoes!
See you on the battlefield!


Help Force Commander


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