Double Trouble

Hiya helpers!! Welcome back to the latest edition of Double Trouble, a series where Dhanush and I interview the besties of Help Force! Today we will interview Lisa and Marsh, find out how they got to know each other, and also how well they know each other!

Let’s start by getting to know them a bit better!

Welcome to “Double Trouble” Marsh and Lisa!

Lisa: Hii

Marsh: Helloo

So how do you guys feel being here together! 😀

Lisa: It’s great woop woop. We’ve never done an interview together and I’m sure it’s gonna be fun woooo

Marsh: I feel great to be here 😀 Excited for the questions too

Woohoo! So for our first question, How did you guys first meet?

Marsh: I messaged her when I joined HF, and I asked her if she was a mod in CPO :I So yes, I met her cos she was a CPO mod LOL

Lisa: Omg well we first talked when I was uhm a mod in another cpps and he led an army it was very formal talks and we didn’t really become good friends but later after the exodus we met again when he was on a different account and became great friends woop 😀 U DIDNT HAVE TO SPECIFY THE CPPS SMH

Marsh: 🙂

Ooh, another cpps Smh Lisa what’s so wrong about saying people you were a CPO mod? I don’t think Lisa is gonna say so Marsh you have any idea about that?

Marsh: UH I do yes but, Lisa will probably kill me if I say it

Lisa: Heyyy what, well, let’s just say it brings up bad memories, wasn’t uh nice ya 

Hmm I guess it will also be a mystery why you never tell us about being a CPO mod. So let’s move on, what is the best thing you guys do together?

Lisa: Hmm best thing we do with each other.. well we match pfps a lot and it’s really fun 😀 we also prank people a lot by changing our names and pfps and A LOT of people fall for it hehe so yeah that’s really fun. And we both love one direction :>

Marsh: OO there are a lot of things but I love our vcs cos we just talk about random things and it’s fun, and as Lisa said, THE PRANKS WERE REALLY FUNNY LOL, me and Lisa would be each other and it was funny. Yes 1d is amazing. Us matching pfps and vcing

And also when Lisa was teaching me about 1d, I didn’t know anything about it, I thought Louis was Harry and I have an ss of it. 

Lisa: Oop ya that was funny LOL

Ss of us matching pfps uwu

Ooh wow, peaking of One Direction Lisa, I heard that you persuaded Marsh to become a Directioner is that true? And how did you do that?

Lisa: Oh yeah I did do that. He asked me abt the things I liked and I told him about 1D and then it just went on and on. He asked me a question abt them and I decided to turn him into a huge directioner. Very proud of that decision I gotta say. He was very dumb in the beginning but now he knows almost everything woop woop

Marsh: I’m still dumb wdym

Lisa: Dumb when it came to 1D info* 

Marsh: LOL

Haha, so do you guys like anything else except One Direction?

Marsh: Yep, we both love money heist, the series, I didn’t know about it, Lisa told me to watch it and I loved it, sad how the series has come to an end tho

Lisa: Hmm that’s a hard question but I’m p sure we both love cats a lot. We also love listening to songs together and watching/recommending movies to each other. Yup, pat pat marshy

Ooh, so before we end would you guys like to say anything to the readers?

Lisa: Ooh hi people, I dunno what to say but yup it was very fun doing this interview with marshy even tho the questions were hard ish pls but ya. I really like the concept of these interviews too so yay. Ty for asking us to do this <3 I’m very scared for the friendship test that’s gonna happen after this pls help

Marsh: UH, Hi readers, ty for reading. I’m not really active anymore and I don’t talk in chat so if you’re new, you might not know me, but I bet you know Lisa cos she’s always active LOL. Thank you for interviewing us Dhanush and ty Pingu for the test <3 Ono the test

Lisa: IM KINDA INACTIVE TOO YK BUT ANYWAYS. Random info: marsh was the best marshal HF ever had :p

Marsh: No

Lisa: Hush

Thank you for the interview, Marsh and Lisa!

Special thanks to Plotter for helping out with the questions! But it’s now time to move on to the next part of this post – the friendship test! Lisa and Marsh will answer six random questions about themselves. Then, they will be asked the same questions one more time but answer with what they think the other person said. At the end, they will receive a score depending on how well they did. Let’s get right into the questions! 

If you could time travel, would you go to the past or future?

Marsh: Future

Lisa: Defo to the past

Do you prefer online shopping or shopping in a store?

Marsh: Shopping in a store

Lisa: Store shopping

Would you rather watch a horror movie, a comedy, or a crime film?

Marsh: Crime film

Lisa: Horror film

Would you rather go skydiving, bungee jumping, or hang gliding?

Marsh: Skydiving

Lisa: Skydiving

Who’s your favourite 1D singer?

Marsh: Harry Styles

Lisa: Harry and Louis

How many pets do you have?

Marsh: 0

Lisa: Had 6 cats now they are 5 and 1 dog and a turtle.

Now that we have all of the answers, it’s time to see just how well they know each other! (No they cannot see each other’s answers lol, this was done in dms)

If Marsh/Lisa could time travel, would he/she go to the past or future?

Marsh: Future (Correct answer: Past)

Lisa: Just saying these questions are hard af pls. Ok soo I think he would travel to the future

Does he/she prefer online shopping or shopping in a store?

Marsh: Online shopping (Correct answer: Store shopping)

Lisa: Store shopping

Would Marsh/Lisa rather watch a horror movie, a comedy, or a crime film?

Marsh: Crime film (Correct answer: Horror movie)

Lisa: Crime film

Would Marsh/Lisa rather go skydiving, bungee jumping, or hang gliding?

Marsh: Skydiving 

Lisa: Skydiving

Who’s his/her favourite 1D singer?

Marsh: Both Harry and Louis, she’s not gonna choose between them

Lisa: His fav singer from 1D is defo Harry Styles no doubt abt that

How many pets does he/she have?

Marsh: 5 cats rn (Correct answer: 7 (5 cats plus dog plus turtle))

Lisa: He has no pets. These were the most random questions ever I’m sorry if I was bad at it pls

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Have a great day/evening/whatever <33

Marsh: You too!

Lisa: Thank you too!! It was fun <3

And that’s it for today! Lisa and Marsh got a score of… 66.7 % It’s now time to wrap up this week’s edition of Double Trouble, and I really hope you enjoyed the post! We will be back next week with more exciting interviews!

Until we hunt for another pair of besties, signing off for now,

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