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ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon! After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

Table of Contents

  • Daily HF Update
  • Random Facts
  • Helpers Book Club
  • Game Corner
    – Word Search
    – Unscramble
    – HF Trivia
  • Art & Meme of the Week
  • Question of the Week

Weekly HF Update

  • HF 13 Summer Session! A voting session was held for the HF 13 title last week. The winners will be announced along with a party, keep an eye out!:hfpoggle:
  • Happy Birthday Nell! Nell’s birthday was on September 11, make sure you wish her a happy birthday!:EK:

Random Facts

  1. DID YOU KNOW, Human teeth are just as strong as shark teeth.
  2. DID YOU KNOW, One of the ingredients needed to make dynamite is peanuts.
  3. DID YOU KNOW, Kangaroos cannot walk backwards..
  4. DID YOU KNOW, Glass balls can bounce higher than rubber ones.
  5. DID YOU KNOW, Applesauce was the first food eaten in space by astronauts.
  6. DID YOU KNOW, Cans of diet soda will float in water but regular soda cans will sink.
  7. DID YOU KNOW, If a Donkey and a Zebra have a baby, it is called a Zonkey.

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!

A.I Takeover: The Uprising

— Snowy, HF Admiral


After declaring himself Commander of HF for life, Pavle had made the other bots, Groovy, Rythm, Fred, and Carl seconds in command. Pavle, who now had consciousness, was able to direct the other bots into working for him.

As Pavle oversaw the Helpers going about their tasks, he thought back to the battles waged for him to take over. The Help Force staff had started a revolution against the bots, and though it was well fought, the staff had lost. The ringleaders of the attempted coup were exiled far away from Help Force, where they could never bother Pavle again… or so he thought. Little did Pavle know the staff were creating a plan to overthrow the bot dictatorship and take back Help Force.
To be Continued…

Game Corner

Games in the HF Beacon??? This section features three amazing games and puzzles for you to think and play. Keep your answers ready, and make sure to check the bottom-most section of the newspaper for knowing the procedure of submissions.

Word Search

.find the words listed in the picture below.


.given below are jumbled words related to the Help Force. unscramble them and win prizes.

(answer to the previous edition’s unscrambled: Music Jam, Party, Admiral, Groovy, Reaction)






HF Trivia

.find the answers to the questions given below.

(answers to the previous edition’s trivia: Sergeant, Custom bot command and a web post, Elp)

1. What color are the ranks between Novice Corporal and Blue Berets?

2. How many staff ranks are there?

3. What are the three timezone roles?

Art & Meme of the Week

Skimming through the amazing art-memes channel in our discord, we’ve chosen the best ones for the week! Make sure to submit your content in #art-memes if you want to get featured in the Help Force Beacon!

By t1r3dness#0001

By Janez#7331

Question of The Week

Coffee or Tea? Pineapple on a Pizza? No definite answers for the QOTW! Keep your answer ready, and make sure to check the bottom-most section of the newspaper for knowing the procedure of submissions.

If you could travel back to any period in time, when would you go?

DM Jayden#2004 on Discord the answers to the Word Search (highlight the words and take a screenshot), Unscrambled Words, HF Trivia, and the Question of the Week to win Sapphires :HFSapphire:!

And that’s a wrap for this week fellas! See you in the next edition of the Help Force Beacon. Make sure to like & comment on your opinions about the weekly newspaper.

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