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Scorp’s Retirement Post

If you read the title, you know what this is about.. after all these unforgettable months in the army, I have made one of the toughest decisions I’ve made. I hereby retire from my staff duties and responsibilities.

I used to think that this day was far in the future.. when I had completed at least a few years of tenure in HF. However, circumstances are such that I must remove myself from this position. The reason for my retirement is quite simple – I’m way too busy with college and other real life work to be fully involved in armies any longer. I don’t even have the time to attend an event these days let alone spend the hours that staff are required to spend preparing these events. This past year, I’ve been literally ignoring my academics so many times to focus on the motherland but that’s just not something I want to do any longer. I used to think that I’d always be able to maintain the perfect army-irl balance I had before. But with me entering second year of university, it’s not even an option anymore.

I guess some of the people already knew this was happening, but it might be a surprise to others. I’m truly sorry I cannot keep going any longer. Hopefully, one day I’ll be less occupied and I’ll make my way back to this place that I’ve called home for so long. Even though I spent far less time here than most other staff members, I love HF just as much as everyone else. And its kinda a big low that I gotta cut down on it. But that’s just life I guess, good things and bad things are balanced out.

I’m gonna take this opportunity to thank some of the people who were amazing friends, dare I say, like family to me while I was staff (in no particular order XD)

Elp, thanks for all the help.

Ayan, the person who inspired me to join HF the most. His dedication to armies is just amazing (although he keeps escaping to other games) and basically he’s one of the biggest reasons for me joining HF. Before meeting this guy in armies, I thought I had reached the level where there wasn’t much left to learn.. and then came along this guy, showing me that there’s always more to learn about any thing. Thanks for all the memories bro, and I hope you’re enjoying retirement (considering the exams… ur probably not)

Barney – this dude is the most amazing leader I’ve met. He somehow strikes that thin area of being a perfect leader – equally balanced and showing his mastery over doing anything that is ever done in armies, while also guiding others and giving them a chance to shine. Along with Ayan, he inspired me to join HF, made me feel like this was a place I could call home, and fr one of the reasons HF has felt more like home than any other army I’ve been in. I believe he’s currently all set to bring home Legends Cup X and I really hope he gets it cuz he deserves the win.

Ru and Amy – These two people were my ausia buddies… they helped me with everything, showed me the way of our glorious gracious motherland and basically encouraged me to rise through the ranks as fast as I did. I can’t even begin to thank them for everything. And I won’t say much of a farewell to them cuz even if I retire from here I ain’t saying goodbye to these amazing humans, I’ll take time out to talk to them cuz they’re just that awesome.

(that first line was just for the meme) Elp is.. hard to describe tbh. He’s just one of those awesome people who impacts your life in ways you’d never see straight away. Thank you for all the memories, comrade. May you get lots of pina coladas.

There’s just so many other people I want to thank, but I’m kinda running out of time so ig I’ll just dm ya later XD. Staff members like Nell, Jayden, Rooboo, Joe, Osama, Snow and Snowy, Wynn, are the reason HF is the magical place it is (we literally used to wear a magicians hat, yea its magical). I can’t even begin to thank all of you for everything. All I can do is promise that if its possible, I’ll come back and we’ll unleash the power of helping once again.

To conclude, I’m retiring on an immediate basis. Like, the moment this post is released I won’t be a staff member. I’ll always be a troop here tho, I’m not leaving the army. Just won’t be staff anymore. Cya around in the chats! Until then, signing off..

Scorpion Demon

HF Marshal



Oh before I go, Barney asked me if there was some other reason for my retirement and I said no, but I lied. The reason is, and always was, Jayden’s stinky website sigs. I am retiring only because of these type of redundant, smelly sigs. 

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