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Hey Help Force! I’m back with another blog post, but this time I’m changing it up. I hope you’ve been able to read some of my previous stories in the old Help Force Beacons. As a continuation, I’m starting a new story series set in the same “timeline,” if you will. It’s not necessary to have read the previous stories, just know that Elp, Ayan, Spotty, me, and some others created a “real life stamp app.” Also, Ayan got slapped a lot. Without further ado, enjoy the story:

Chapter 1: The Piña Coladas

~ Snowy’s POV ~

The checklist is complete, I have my team, apps at the ready, phone chargers, and bikes to get around, I thought. I scanned my surroundings, assessing the skills of those on my team. Everyone was ready to earn stamps and win the competition. “Snowy, stop worrying so much! I bet we’re going to win this stamps challenge,” Phoenix said encouragingly. “I hope you’re right. My status as a team leader rides on this,” I replied. “Good thing we’re all here to help you through this then. I’m ready to crush this thing!” Beasto exclaimed. I beamed at my group, feeling relieved at their excitement and readiness.

The streets of Arcadium City were busy with visitors and locals alike. The Ketchup Cookie Clock Tower was sitting at 7:59. My group stared at it in the early morning sun eagerly, waiting for it to hit 8:00 AM, the beginning of the challenge. “Let’s get a photo before we start,” Mantiuxx suggested. “Ok but it has to be quick,” Phoenix replied. We grouped together and snapped a quick photo as the clock hit 8:00 AM. “Ok everyone, let’s get to it!” I shouted, giddy with energy and drive. “Drumroll please, our first challenge is located at… Piojo Pier.”

We hopped on our bikes and rushed to the pier to find out what our challenge entailed. When we reached, we saw a small restaurant at the beginning of the pier, practically inviting us in. We walked in and discovered a beach themed room, with booths and tables filled across the space, but no people in sight. “Welcome to the Piña Colada Canteen! My name is Monika, how can I help you?” said the waitress tending to the empty restaurant. “Hablas español?” Mantiuxx preguntado. “Sí!” Monika exclaimed, “How did you know?” Mantiuxx shrugged and said “You just give off that vibe.” A notification buzzed in my pocket. I pulled out my phone and ignored the rest of Mantiuxx and Monika’s conversation in Spanish as I checked what our next challenge consisted of.

FIRST STAMP CHALLENGE: Find every piña colada on the pier to pass this challenge. Must upload photos of each piña colada found. “Hey Beasto?” I called out. “Yeah, what’s up?” he responded quickly. “Get ready to do your job as our videographer. We have our first task.” My team followed me out of the restaurant as Monika waved goodbye. Beasto pulled out his video camera and began filming the rest of the group as we walked along Piojo Pier looking for piña coladas. “I found something!” Phoenix exclaimed. We rushed over to where they were pointing and saw a piña colada shaped magnet underneath a bench. I removed my phone, eager to log the find into the app.

We continued with our search and found more magnets, pins, and 4 actual (virgin) piña coladas. “This is excellent!” Beasto exclaimed. “I agree, we had a great time with this challenge,” Phoenix replied. “Let’s get out of here and do the next one, I want to keep our streak going!” Mantiuxx said. “Alright, let’s go,” I said. Our next location showed a place called “Chaos Casino.” We hopped on our bicycles after finishing our (virgin) piña coladas and biked all the way to Chaos Casino. We were greeted instantly by someone by the name of Walver. “Hey everyone, welcome to the Chaos Casino, where there are no scams involved with our gambling! Totally absolutely no scams whatsoever. Or so you think…” He smiled at us as we explained we didn’t intend to gamble. “It’s alright, after one free game of roulette, everyone changes their mind,” he laughed. He handed us all free roulette coupons and continued tending to the casino.

After Walver left, we walked in and tried to check our next challenge, but it showed an error message. Error, another group has already claimed the challenge. “What’s going on?” Mantiuxx asked. “I’m not sure,” I responded. “I think I know,” said a girl with three people standing behind her. “Who are you?” Beasto asked. “My name is Nell. This is my group of stampers, Sam, Plotter, and Vixx. I assume you’re our competition?” I stared in disbelief. The chances of two groups having the same challenge in a city this large was extremely unlikely. Maybe they were just faster than us. “I guess we are,” Phoenix said confidently as they straightened their posture. The rest of us followed them. “Even if you’re our competition, it won’t be too hard to crush you. I’m sure you don’t have the skills it takes to beat a group like us,” Beasto said, defending our team.

The other group burst into laughter as we rolled our eyes. “Whatever, let’s go to our next challenge,” I said, turning around and checking my phone. “Wait a second, there’s something wrong,” I said. “What happened?” Mantiuxx asked. “Did you find out you’re losing? Because trust me, we’re probably beating you, it’s not all THAT surprising,” Plotter said. “No, the app isn’t working. It’s a black screen that says “Competition is over, go home dumbasses.” Sam laughed and said, “Are you sure that’s not just because your team sucks?” Nell was quick to respond and say “Actually, the same thing is happening on mine. I can’t figure out what we’re supposed to do for this challenge.” We all stared at each other and our devices in confusion until Vixx broke the silence. “Well I doubt Komal, the app’s creator, would do this. I think there’s someone on the outside, like the time her group beta tested the app” Slowly, the realization hit us.

Yes, I am aware this chapter is quite long but I promise, the next one won’t be quite as lengthy. I hope you enjoyed reading! See y’all with another post soon! 😉

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