Tips to reduce lag on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Hey Helpers! 

I’ve seen many of you have experienced lag with the new Club Penguin Rewritten HTML5 client, So here are a few tips and tricks to help reduce lag on your game.

1.Enable The “Hidenames” Feature – Some of you might not know, but there are a few cool commands you can do on CPR, one being this one which can significantly reduce your lag.

On your Chat Bar Menu Click the ? buttonThen once you’ve done that it will open up the Settings menu, even though it will not show in the chat bar, type “hidenames” without any spaces, this should help a bit with your lag issues.

2.Enable Hardware Acceleration – This is available on most popular browsers, Chrome, Edge, ect. To enable hardware acceleration, click the 3 dots on the top right corner of your browser and click settings.

Once you’ve pressed settings it will take you to the settings page, a search bar will appear at the top. There type “Hardware” and you should see the setting pop up, make sure it’s switched on and you’re good to go!
This should utilize your computer’s graphics processing unit more efficiently and make games like Club Penguin Rewritten run smoother.

3.Mute The Music And Sounds In Game – The music and sounds in the game will cause more stress of your computer, muting both of these will reduce that stress significantly. to mute them click the at the bottom and and simply click both of the box’s so they have check marks on them.

4.Join VC On Phone – Discord VC can lag your computer, but it is mandatory to join VC for events and battles, so if it’s causing you some lag, i would recommend joining Discord VC on your phone if you have that option available, this should put less load on your computer and reduce some of your lag issues.

5.Close Unneeded Tabs – Lastly, this is a pretty simple and self explanatory one, but it really does help to close other tabs, programs, or games you have open besides CPR and Discord.

Hopefully some of these were of use to you, I’ll see you all on the battlefield Helpers! :HFsalute:

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