Nap Segment Insights

Welcome back to Nap Segment Insights, a weekly series dedicated to everyone’s favorite type of seg: napping! This week we’re finally going to be talking about napping and its consequences.

Most people are familiar with what a nap is, but in case you’re not, it’s when you’re so sleep-deprived that you pass out in the middle of class and wake up in an empty zoom call seventeen hours later, holding what’s left of your coffee. If anyone says that a nap is something different then they’re wrong, tenjko.

Nap segs are when helpers get together to take a nap, usually with a campfire and stolen snacks. Sometimes the rats like to join us, but most of the time they just eat all the food. No one knows what they contribute, exactly, but they have very sharp teeth and that’s enough to not argue with them.

The first step to having a nap seg is finding a nice, quiet place to take sleep, ideally indoors because the outdoors has bugs and stuff. If you insist on camping, though, then you’ll want to find a forest somewhere.

The place you want to camp at depends on the type of gear you bring. If you brought a refrigerator then you’ll want to be somewhere with an outlet, but if you just have a cell phone then anywhere near a gas station should do.

Set up your tent, or if you want to sleep under the stars, go back inside and stick some Christmas lights to your ceiling. Place your sleeping bag inside the tent, and you’re all done!

Finally, you’re ready to nap. Settle down inside the tent with your friends and try to ignore the puffles lining up at your campfire, no matter how cute they may look. Remember that wild puffles are the enemies of nap segs. They have a history of stealing our snacks and framing us for crimes that we tried to frame them for instead. Never trust a puffle.

On that note, if you want to bring a rat napping with you, just remember that rats can see you in your dreams. Happy napping!

That’s all for this week’s insight. Curious about anything nap or snack related? Comment below and I’ll write all about it! Until next week, comrades.

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