[INT] Operation: Nobility

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto Help Force Island for Operation: Nobility lead by Nelly, Riley, Stemv, Rooboo and Monika!
This event was really fun, with a range of different tactics and formations at Outside Mine, Mall, Fire Dojo, Gift Shop, Town and Docks! Awesome job guys!

Max: 34+

Comment below for points!

Unleash The Power Of Helping!

24 Responses

  1. I came tysm!


  3. I was there ~ comedy

  4. I came woohoo!

  5. I attended! ~Piesu

  6. I was there

  7. I attended

  8. Thankk yuuu for hostinggg!!! ^_^

  9. I was there! Tysm for hostinggg!💙

  10. Wynn – attended

  11. I was there ~Kimiiiiiiiii

  12. TY for hosting and amazing work designers!
    HFI and Dis: Sam Chilles NOT Chillies 🌶❌#1641

  13. I was there

  14. I attended HFI username – Nafis

  15. Ty for hosting! -aquapeach

  16. ty for hosting! i attended!
    discord: alex1904
    hfi: alex1907

  17. Tyy for hosting!! Hfi- pragya tanu

  18. I was there!!

  19. Thank You for Hosting, into the unknown Snowflake❄Soft.

  20. I attended

  21. I Attended!

    TY For hosting, staff.

    Discord: Another Day Another Dollar
    Attentiously, Little Tooth :>

  22. Helene98 on discord and hfi

  23. […] International Day has come! Where all time-zones combine powers and lead together! Operation: Nobility was the event that took place on Thursday! Noble HF in action! Lead by a full powerful team of […]

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