[EU] Clown Takeover

Heyy Helpers! Today we logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten for a Clown Takeover lead by Holly, Monika and Rooboo! Rooms included: Town, Docks and Stadium! The event went really well and included some amazing tactics/formations, well done Helpers!


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26 Responses

  1. I came as ForestRider!

  2. I was there jknu, ty for hosting

  3. I attended 😀

  4. i came

  5. I attended
    name : Janisgreat (the one with the red and blue clown costume)

  6. I came!

  7. Such amazing and fun event!!!

  8. I was there !!

  9. I came! Thank youuuu!

  10. i was dogerobloxoo

  11. I attended – Nafis , Ty for hosting btw

  12. i attended it- skyler124398

  13. I attend as lilaclupine
    Discord: gardengiraffe #2542

  14. I was cutechic

  15. discord-skyler12439810

  16. I attended

  17. Thank You for Hosting It was Brilliant Event I really really Enjoyed it :bouquet:

  18. I attended CPR: zFarnsworth Discord: aquapeach

  19. I attended, thank you for hosting! cpr user: bravely discord: bravely #1133

  20. Ty for hosting!

  21. I attended, xo#8892

  22. I came Valour#0849

  23. CPR user= RedReturns21 i came to the event
    Discord = Jason_Dean#1837

  24. I attended.Ty for hosting.
    Cpr:Jon Snow77
    Dis: Sam Chilles #1641

  25. Mirror101514 and discord: Kitana 💙

  26. I came! Discord:Maria9593 CPR:Maria9593

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