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The Blue & Gold


20/07/2020 – 06/08/2020
Edition #3

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A week after the Beta Party and its already time to announce the next one! Although we do not know of a confirmed date, we do know its the first of its kind to strike any of the Islands in the world. A few weeks ago we knew that this supposed party would be with the colors of Maroon and Peach. After some more digging, we found that those 2 colors are specifically the Commander and Chief colors! In last week’s issue, we saw that there would be 28 new items. After asking around, it turns out that there is no date of when it will be out, but we do know it will be in the month of August. So without further ado, the name of this great party is the HF Leaders Party!

We cant wait to see what this party is like! We’ve been told the Iceberg is setting up seating, fireworks, and much more! The thrill is real!

Ask Aunt Arctic

Hey Aunt Arctic! What’s the best way to get stamps?

Hey StampyBoi!


Join Help Force.




Ask The Leader

How is the AUSIA timezone pronounced?
-Hstergirl, First Tier, Second Lieutenant

Hey Hster! It’s pronounced “ozia”

~Tistle, Help Force First-in-Command


GoTW Message

Hey Helpers! A new week means a new GoTW, which is Chickn Strips! They worked really hard this week and attended a bunch of segments, even at late nights. Chickn stayed active in chat, events, and overall everything. Make sure to congratulate em, also this is their speech from Server News!

When I first joined HF I didn’t expect it to be such a huge thing to me. During those first few weeks, I loved attending events but didn’t get super involved or anything. Then I realized I made friends here, friends who are soo positive and caring, even more than many IRL friends. So I stayed and love this community to death. Thank you all for being such an amazing group of people. Ily all!!!!!

I wanted to give a special thanks to Moni, Ru, Riley, Roxi, Lafilijfjirihgysage, Rooboo, Wynn, and the whole fam for all being amazing friends and making this community such a joy to be in. You’re always there for me and wayyyy nicer to me than I deserve. I also wanted to thank Tistle, Barn, Hannah, and you amazing current and former staff. You all put in so much effort to keep this community going and I couldn’t thank you enough for that. Every person mentioned had played a huge role in giving me more than I could ever ask for; friends and family that truly care and are always there. Thank you for that.

Lastly, thank you, helper reading this, for simply being apart of this community. You’ve allowed HF to be what it is and that in itself is huge!!! Thank you for attending events, segments, and just talking in #general. The community around HF is great and the people in it are better. I can’t express how much gratitude I have for every single person in HF, especially those of you who attend and host segs. Thank you. I love every single one of you!!! FAMILY FORCE BEST FORCE!!!!!

-Chickn :EH:

The Featured Helper

This week there is once again, a new featured helper. This time it is Ru! They have shown tremendous commitment for weeks and are keeping up their run. Attending segments after segments, mostly all events, and is active in chat. Ru is such a friendly face and brightens up the mood. The time they have been in Help Force has made an impact. Make sure to congratulate Ru, and keep up the great work!

7 Responses

  1. Damn this is very good

  2. OMG I’m so surprised and honored! And so so so touched <3 Many thanks and love to the author and all of you guys!


  4. YEET!!!

  5. THANK YOU S MUCH GUYS <3 It would not have been possible if you all didn't comfort me so well and support me. I am still learning and I love being here with you guys :")


  7. […] you guys would like to take a look at the last Blue & Gold, click here! The Leaders Party was something I had planned for, it would have been a massive party. We planned […]

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