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Know Your Leaders: Tistle


Hey everyone! For those of you who aren’t familiar, a long time ago, one of our moderators, Crystal started a series. A series where people used to want to know more about who was leading their army. So we had posts with them called “Know your Leaders”. I decided to bring them back starting up with our First-In-Command Tistle!

Jayden: How did you find HF and when was it? Why did you join?

Tistle: I was on CPO one afternoon just playing some old minigames from my childhood after seeing some friends from school online. I stumbled across a group of Stamp Collectors in the Snow Forts, and naturally I followed them around. They then said to join “Help Force” which I did and that’s how I joined.

Jayden: How did you get to your current position?

Tistle: It’s passed a year since I first joined, and almost 10 months since I was made a moderator. In the 2 months I spent outside of Staff, I attended segments pretty frequently (5 Vet Helpers in a row) but unfortunately I didn’t get GoTW. I was first really noticed during the Harry Potter Trivia, which is still my favourite HF event to this day. From there, Spotty made me a trial moderator and I worked hard through every rank to get Commander in December and lone Commander at the end of May. It’s been quite the rollercoaster!

Jayden: What is it like to have so many responsibilities within the army?

Tistle: Responsibilities are just part of the bundle of being an admin in a server. Anyone with administration permissions in any large community is expected to work hard to keep the community active, and that has always been a top priority for me. Since October, I’ve been looking after practically everything higher-end in HF, and I’ve always been looking for more ways to keep the place exciting. Hiring Staff, leading battles, big announcements… it’s all a bit daunting at first, but with experience the fear is swapped with enjoyment.

Jayden: Were you in any other armies before HF or have you been in other armies after you joined HF?

Tistle: Nope, Help Force was my first ever army. I played the Original CP, but I had no idea armies or even communities existed. CPO was my first CPPS in mid 2019 and I’ve been loyal to Help Force ever since I joined.

Jayden: Do you have any other experiences of being staff on a community or a discord server?

Tistle: Yes, but nothing quite as large-scale as this. I’m a fast learner and I had to learn discord inside-out while being a moderator in Help Force to prove I was worthy of being an admin. Once you get the hang of permissions and roles, everything falls into place.

Jayden: Are there any challenges you see in HF right now that you are trying to overcome?

Tistle: The main challenge in Help Force is always to maintain activeness and enthusiasm. With the introduction of the HF Island, we’re hoping that this will boost activity and the motivation to be a more integral part of the community for newer members. Maxing well in events is vital to being a successful army. But I’ve always said it, we’re more than just an army, we’re a family.

Jayden: When an argument breaks out between leaders or staff or even helpers, how is it handled? if it is any different, how?

Tistle: This is a great question, and one that even with an explanation, it’ll be hard to really follow instructions. My top advice would be to calm the situation down. Remove the mood of the conversation away and focus on where the problem lies, whether it be an individual person or a group. Since the end of May, I’ve had full control over many scenarios and alongside my HCOM team, we work tirelessly to find what went wrong, and how we can all learn from it. I won’t list anything hear, but it’s crucial as a leader that problems are resolved as fast as possible and making sure everyone is okay afterwards.

Jayden: Do you have advice for those who are working their way to be moderators?

Tistle: My best advice if you’re working to be a moderator is, attend segments! That’s the best way to get noticed among the staff and often when picking new trial moderators, I consult the staff of a specific time zone to get the right person. There’s a bit of luck involved, but it’s mainly down to activeness, behaviour and segment/event attendance!

Jayden: Finally do you have anything to say to everyone reading this?

Tistle: I’m proud to be the leader of this great army and community. We hit great heights in our Legends Cup campaign and we must work as a family to make sure we continue to be a Force to be reckoned with. Help Force, Best Force :adv_uni:

We hope you got to know a little bit more about Tistle and how he takes things as a leader! He has brought this army to great heights and we applaud him for doing that! If you see him in discord, be sure to give him a quick hey! Help Force Best Force!


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