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Invasion Of Outback

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CPA to invade Outback and successfully claim it as ours. The Invasion was led by Hannah, Nell & Janez. This Invasion saw the Helpers perform various tactics and formations all performed with perfect coordination. Good Job Helpers!

MAX: 35+

Make sure you comment below for promotions!

Thanks for attending this event, We hope to see you again!
Unleash The Power Of Helping!

31 Responses

  1. I attended!

  2. I came

  3. I attended

  4. I attended

  5. Attended!

  6. I attended – Nafis

  7. TY FOR HOSTING – Jcn101

  8. I was there!!

  9. I attended :p

  10. I attended as well

  11. I attended- Jocelyn

  12. Hello i was in the epic invasion

  13. I attended!

  14. I attended!
    Fear The Force!

  15. attended :awe:

  16. Skillz or Cosmic whatever joined the battle.. its 11 pm here and im dying for promos!
    stay safe random mod!

  17. I ATTENDED (:

  18. I attended!

  19. i was there 🙂

  20. i was there comrades, and if you ask, my name was P3269

  21. THANK YOU FOR HOSTING, Snowflake-Soft.

  22. me ^

  23. I attended!

  24. I came Penguin name is P3281

  25. I was there como no

  26. I attended

  27. 😼🥳✌️

  28. I attended 🙂

  29. i attended(:

  30. I attended for the first 15 mins when event started 😀

  31. Attended

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