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How To: War

Hey, what’s up Helpers? In today’s post we’ll be going over everything you’ll need to know about war.

War Environment

  • What is a war? A war is a period of time in which an army battles another consistently until one chooses to surrender. Wars consist of multiple scheduled battles and invasions.
  • The most crucial things are attending the battles, keeping the chat excited, and recruiting new members to join.
  • During a war, we also invade different servers owned by the opposing army(s). Servers are the territories which armies fight over. They are the main incentive for each battle.

War Recruitment

  • Recruitment is a vital aspect to any army in general. We focus on recruiting for a 1-1.5 hour period called a segment. During a Segment, we either log on to CPR or recruit new members through discord.
  • Recruiting off of discord involves messaging people in CPR servers and inviting them to join HF.
    • First start a conversation with someone. Tell them about the group you’re in [HF] and then ask them if they are interested in joining. If they say yes, send the invite, if they say no, move on. Do not send an invite before they approve.
  • Recruiting on CPR is similar. Log on to the CPR server the host announces to and go to the room they assign.
    • In the room, ask a person if they’re in HF, if they say no, explain that HF is a group on CPR. Describe what we do and then offer for them to join. If they say yes, tell them to “Gooogle” or “Goggle” CPHelpForce/HelpForceCP. Some words are muted in CPR, so pay attention to the segment host when they explain the specific words that do not work.
  • The purpose of this is to gain more members. We especially do segments before an event or battle to recruit those who are currently online and can attend it immediately after the Segment. These segments is essential for growth of the army. 


  • Hype is what we do to get the members pumped up and hyped before an event. It consists of telling new members to attend the event, reminding people to react, and sending messages of excitement in chat.
  • The main aspect of hype is making sure it is known that there is an event approaching. When more people know it’s happening, more people plan to attend, and a larger crowd starts to help the energy levels of the troops.
  • Before a battle, some hyping methods include:
    • Adding [Battle @ xx PM] in your nickname.
    • Mentioning the event in the chat (ex: “Who’s ready for the event later?”).
    • Joining in with nickname or profile photo themes.


  • The primary purpose of a battle is to overpower the opposition. Keep this in mind and pay very close attention to formations and tacitcs. The cleaner they are, the better chances of us winning.
  • Tactics:
    • These are the main instructions given during the battle. The leader of the battle will announce a phrase or emote to do in CP, and you follow on their countdown.
    • This countdown is essential. Do not do tactics before or after. Time it exactly so that you send at the exact moment you are told to go.
    • Tactics should be held for 10-15 seconds.
  • Formations:
    • Formations are simply the form we make in game during a battle.
    • Common formations include, X, Plus [+], Surround room [O], Anchors [⚓︎], Scatter, and Reverse T [].
    • Never bunch up on top of another player in the formation. Make sure to spread out.
  • Bombs:
    • Bombs are when we do tactics while moving.
    • Bomb => Run Around Anywhere
    • Waterfall => Run Up and Down
    • Rake => Run Side to Side
    • Tornado => Run Clockwise in a circle
    • Fireworks => Bunch in the middle and run out when told


  • Logging on for any event begins 15 minutes before the official start time. This is very important because we will begin doing tactics at exactly the start time.
  • Room switches happen every 10 minutes. When the end of this 10 minutes nears, the leader will ask you to open your map. Do not leave until the leader announces the next room and explicitly says to go. 
  • Always take photos during an event or battle. There is a channel called “event-pics” in HF and you should be taking photos during any event and sending them there. You may send the photos afterwards, but do it immediately.


That is the complete guide for any battles and wars done in the upcoming future. Special credit to An710 for your contribution to this post. Thanks for reading, and Unleash The Power Of Helping!

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