Get to Know the Help Force Staff: Aoao6

Hey Helpers! Every Help Force moderator has a unique aspect that they identify with, whether it’s Juanita’s typos, Lottie’s lollipops, Moon’s chicken nuggets or Tistle’s tuba. We now get to know more about Aoao, a Help Force 3IC who identifies with clowns. Through this interview, you will gain more insight into who he is and may even learn something new like I did. Please continue reading to see what happened:

Skeleton Lad: How long have you been a mod in the Help Force?

Aoao: I’ve been a mod in help force for 2 months.

Skeleton Lad: How has Help Force changed for the better and/or worse ever since you’ve been promoted to mod?

Aoao: Since I’ve joined help force we were at around 4.5k members, in 3 months time we nearly doubled that number, this isn’t just because of me, all helpforce staff worked very hard to achieve it and I can see why we are the number 1 army. Honestly, I don’t think it became worse, helpforce is improving a lot and we are gaining loads of new members.

Skeleton Lad: What is your favorite tactic to use in Help Force events?

Aoaoj bomb… I’m jk                                                                                                                             

I would say something related to >Help Force cannot be touched< you know, something close to it. It shows that we are the strongest.

Skeleton LadYes I agree. That’s a good tactic!

What is your favorite thing that you enjoy doing on CPO?
Aoao: I love the fun events and game tournaments that we host, they definitely increased my enjoyment of the game as well as chatting with other penguins, and of course snowballing Spotty and Lottie.
Skeleton Lad: What is your favorite game on CPO and why?
Aoao: My favorite game is Card Jitsu, it’s definitely a tactical game and u must outsmart your opponent to win.
Skeleton Lad: Nice! I see you’re great at it too since you’ve won several Card Jitsu tournaments.
okay now this question is hard
Aoao: oh no.
Skeleton Lad: What is your favorite color?
Aoao:unamused: Black
Skeleton Lad: now this one is actually hard
Aoao: it’s probably “what hf staff you like?”
Skeleton LadYou are frequently seen wearing a clown outfit and that seems to have become your signature. May I ask what sparked this idea and why you identify with it?
Aoao: WHAT
lmao okay, so first I started sending Juanita creepy clown pics, and I thought hey, I should dress as a clown in-game as well, so I started with the wig, then they added the balloons, and it became a good costume (for me).
Skeleton LadJuanita was also the one who gave Lottie the nickname Lottiepop.                please refer to my interview of Lottie
What are your favorite hobbies outside of CPO and HF?
Aoao: I like horse riding and swimming, I also like watching tennis.
Skeleton Lad: Wow! That’s such an engrossing mixture of hobbies, I never knew you liked those things.
Is there anything you would like to say to the Help Force members?
Aoaoyes, please. Hello helpers, first of all, Saturday’s battle practice was amazing, we maxed at 68+, I hope we continue increasing these numbers before Christmas, let’s get to 10,000 members, I know we can do it and I believe in you guys. Also, stay tuned for Halloween helpforce :wink: I know its gonna be amazing. And you all take part in it, I don’t wanna take long, the mic is yours skele lad.

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