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Zipline, Fly’s Igloo ~ Hey there Helpers! Welcome back to another edition of The Help Force Beacon. Today’s edition is very similar to the last. I’m happy to be introducing the next chapter of our interesting story. Without further ado, I present the next edition of The HF Beacon. Click continue reading to read on!

Random Facts:

Fly has a book of useless facts. Too many, too random.

  • Without wind, plants fall over, as it actually makes plants stronger.
  • Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere somehow a duck is watching you.
  • During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
  • Farts travel at 10 feet per second. (about 3.048 meters)
  • Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.
  • Shakespeare invented over 1700 words.
  • French fries originated in Belgium rather than France.
  • Fireflies are actually beetles.
  • Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories per hour.


Chapter 2, “Nap Time”

“I’m going to call Kava,” Kiara said. “She’ll help us remotely since we don’t have computers on us.” We all nodded as a yes and Kiara called Kava.
“Kava, we need your help.”
“What’s going on?”
“Someone sent us a message inside Fly’s app.”
“Why is that a problem?”
“Because the data is closed and is protected by an elaborate firewall, making it private except to those whom I’ve allowed into the app. The only devices I’ve allowed are the phones of all five of us. We all have our phones on us, and mine and Spotty’s are the only ones in use. A seriously desperate hacker is in the system,” I said.
“Holy “dUcK”. I’ll see what I can do.”

“What do we do in the meantime?” Spotty asked the group. “Continue with the segment. What else can we do?” Ayan responded. “I cannot believe I’m saying this, but Ayan is right. I’m going to do what we came here to do, and that’s to get some damn stamps,” said a very confident Elp. Kiara and I nodded our heads in agreement. “Fly, send me the passwords to the programs and I’ll see if I can locate the hacker. Until then, I’m going to take a nap. Talk to you guys later!” Kava hung up the phone. “That girl and her naps,” Spotty said while rolling her eyes. Elp put his hands together next to his head and mimicked sleeping while Ayan started jokingly snoring. Kiara slapped Ayan and said “Please shut up, lets get on with the segment.” We walked in the direction of the Nike store. When we were outside, my phone beeped, informing us of our task; Buy a Messi Jersey for everyone in your team and wear them. Ayan groaned and said “That’s not even fair, Ronaldo is so much better.” Kiara slapped him again and walked straight into the store. I followed her to the clothes section. I rummaged through the selection of blue jerseys that were hanging. I got a text from Kiara, who went to the other side of the store. It read: Try the clearance section. I laughed and showed Elp the text. “What is it with you guys and sales?” he said. “By ‘you guys’ do you mean Indians?” Ayan said, giving Elp a look. “We’re cheap. It’s true.” I said while walking. I stopped at a bin labelled “buy one get one free.” There were exactly five jerseys neatly folded in the bin. Spotty and Kiara joined us and we each put one on. I grabbed my phone and took a selfie with everyone. The app stored it and showed a page with the stamp “Soccer Team” complete. I walked over to the counter and payed for the jerseys. The cashier said “Wow, you guys must be huge messes if you want this many Messi jerseys. It’s all right though, because I’m a Mess as well.” She winked at me as we left the store. The next challenge location was given to us. “Lighthouse coffee and music” it said. “I think I know where this one is going to go,” Elp said. We all smiled and agreed. I lead the group as we started down the street towards the cafe. “Fly, how did you find the time to create this app?” Elp asked me. “Honestly, I’m not sure. I was laying in bed one night and I thought about what would happen if we all just took a second to go out and do something real. Not just on a game, but something much bigger than that. The concept of The Help Force would spread wordwide. We could be more than just an army, or even a family within ourselves.” Ayan stopped and pointed at the building in front of us. The sign read Lighthouse. We went inside and walked straight to the stage. I grabbed a pair of drumsticks and started playing the snare part of the Blue Devils 2017 opener on the snare drum. Ayan grabbed the microphone and sang 3 nights by Dominic Fike. I transitioned into the drum beats of the song. Kiara started playing the electric bass line, Spotty took up the counter melody on guitar, and Elp joined Kiara on the bass line with tuba. The barista grabbed a photo of us as we finished the song. I asked her to send me the photo. “Can I have your number so I can send you the photo?” she asked. I gave her my number and she sent me the photo with some other text. “)353: your lhotj” it read. “What does this mean?” I asked, showing her the text. “I’m not exactly sure how that happened. I just make a lot of typos. I meant to say here’s your photo, sorry” We left as the app showed the challenge as complete. The next one appeared on Spotty’s phone. “Penguin sporting supplies,” it read. We walked out of the coffee shop still humming the song. Spotty and my phones rang again. “We told you to stop or there would be consequences,” the message read. “Guys, lets go!” Ayan yelled back at us as he was crossing the street. Spotty, Elp, Kiara, and I yelled AYAN! NO! in unison as a car came racing down from his left.

To Be Continued…

Riddle of The Week:

Welcome back to another Riddle of The Week! As promised, I’ve listed most winners from last edition. Unfortunately, I’ve been careless due to school, so I may have missed some people. If you figure it out, send me another DM and I’ll add you on. (Send any message, if you had solved the riddle, I would know from our message history.)

  • An710
  • Kavacado
  • BananaBxr
  • Tistle
  • Sixdrinkamy

The answer to last week’s riddle is: The man would not have had access to the internet when he was a child, so there were no videos for him to be inspired by. Now, on to the new riddle! Again, if you have an answer to this, please DM flypin1#0015 on discord.

A man in prison is given a choice. He is presented with three cups upside down, each holding a marble underneath. The king tells him there are two black marbles and one blue marble. If the man chooses the blue marble, he can be free, but if he chooses a black one, he will be hanged. The man knows the king is cruel, so there are only three black marbles. The man was set free. How did this happen?

Thank you for for reading. Till next time!


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