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Before I even begin this week’s Face of the Force, I can already hear Helpers saying “Did Beni only pick Tsanami because they’re a CPO ship?“. The answer is absolutely not. I would never want to abuse my abilities as a writer for this website like that. However, I must state that being in a CPO ship with Tsanami has brought me close to her, and that is how I know she deserves to be this week’s Face of the Force. Tsanami is, like other Faces before her, an incredibly active member in HF. What some of you may not notice, however, is just how devoted Tsanami is to Armies in general; a Head Party Planner in Royal Family, the sole Leader of Crimson Guardians, and a Master Commander in Help Force. Everywhere in the NAA, you’ll see Tsanami either attending every event she can, cracking jokes about her CPO family (especially me), and mothering everyone around her. Tsanami is a special and important person because of how devoted she is, not only to Armies, but to people in general. Tsanami is one of the more adult members of Help Force, and she uses that platform to help and engage those younger than her and help them through whatever they may be going to. Tsanami is someone that ought to be admired, and it is my distinct honor to call her this week’s Face of the Force.

Beni: So, Tsanami, how did you get involved in Help Force?

Tsanami: I only joined Help Force because I was recruited to join Royal Family. Then, not long after joining the Royals, I joined the servers of other armies in the NAA. I wasn’t so sure about Help Force until their iconic week long Harry Potter event which I joined then became more active in HF.

Beni: Was RF your first step into Armies?

Tsanami: Yup, I was never in armies before then, not even on the original Club Penguin game. I was wary about RF at first because of that but it turned out to be fun and I am still in that army despite having joined even more armies because of NAA + its colonies. 

Beni: Was it ever overwhelming for you?

Tsanami: Yeah a couple of times, but I’m learning how to balance things.

Beni: Why have you become so devoted to armies? You’re high up in HF and Royals, and the leader of CG.

Tsanami: I’ve actually got some sort of solid role in most of the armies in NAA + colonies solely because during my summer break I became more intrigued by CPO armies as a concept and wanted to see how quickly I could rank up, in addition to the fact that the army events are usually fairly fun.

Beni: Outside of CPO, what do you love to do, either online or IRL?

Tsanami: I like going biking, watching Netflix, reading, and talking to friends I have both on and offline (including my CPO wife) to pass my free time, but starting tomorrow a fair amount of my time will probably be busy irl because I’ll be starting my second year of college

Beni: How would you describe yourself in three words?

Tsanami: Are any words needed besides “gay” and “disaster” ?

Beni: I’m definitely including this in the interview. What causes are you really devoted to?

Tsanami: At the moment I would say I’m devoted to helping to the best of my abilities in the CPO armies I’m active in, not failing my college classes, and figuring out something productive I wanna do for a career in life sooner rather than later. Along with keeping in touch with friends both on and offline, because that can be tough and should count as a cause

Beni: Okay, last question; Is there a HF staff member you really admire? If so, why?

Tsanami: Either Spotty for managing to keep it together under tough circumstances like when Gryffindors were struggling during Harry Potter week or Kava for the amount of sleep she must get with all those Kava naps.

Tsanami, as I’m certain you could tell by this interview, is an absolutely incredible person. Being her friend has absolutely been one of the highlights of my CPO experience, and I really can’t wait until the American HF road trip begins, and all of us on the East Coast jump into my car and drive to the West Coast. Earlier on in this post, I told you all that I would never abuse my position as an HF website writer. I am now here to regrettably inform you that that statement was a lie. With all that being said,

Tsanami, will you be my date to Summer Formal?

I told you I’d ask you first.

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  1. Can’t agree more Beni. Great interview!



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