Get to Know the Help Force Staff: BananaBxr

So you are here to know the Help Force Staff?
Well, here we will get to know these wonderful people who have put a lot of time and effort into making this army the best army possible!

*these interviews were not altered in any way other than a few grammatical changes. everything said in this interview was not scripted

We decided to interview all the Moderators and Leaders of the Help Force

First, we begin with HF Mod BananaBxr🍌

Jayden91468 How long have you been a mod on HF?
BananaBxr🍌: About a month or so
Jayden91468 : What’s your favourite thing to do in HF?
BananaBxr🍌: Well, I like participating in fun events like everyone else, but I also like hosting segs
Jayden91468 : So what’s your favourite thing in CPO?
BananaBxr🍌: 100% stamp hunting :3 It feels so good just to get one stamp
Jayden91468: What is your favourite colour?
BananaBxr🍌: Blue
Jayden91468 : Whats your favourite animal?
BananaBxr🍌: I like doggos
Jayden91468: Whats your spirit animal?
BananaBxr🍌: I guess a doggo…. Idk doggos seem like an animal I want to be
Jayden91468 : Well that concludes our interview!! Anything you want to say to the readers?
BananaBxr🍌: To all the readers: don’t be a jerk cuz nobody likes jerks :))

Well, this concludes our interview for the Second person!
Stay tuned for more interviews coming soon!!!

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