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CPOnline Guide: Want more friends on CPO?

Are you feeling lonely on CPO?
Would you like to have a few friends or have some more friends than you already have but don’t know how to?
Fear not! I have gathered a few tips to ensure that you have a small or big circle of friends, whichever you prefer!

1) Host parties at your igloo
Almost everybody loves a good, fun party! Hosting a party is simple.

You can spend your coins in some nice igloo furniture and flooring. You can look up some cool igloo designs for inspiration as well. Once you think your igloo is all ready for the party, you’re all set up for the party!

Make sure that your igloo is open to everybody!

You can then go to a populated room (ex. Town) and let everyone know about your wild party. Socialize with fellow penguins and make friends!

2) Show new penguins around :

You can take them on a tour so that they get to know the island and you can mingle with them and there’s a chance y’all can become friends!

3) Battle Penguins !

Yes! It might sound strange but trust me from experience, it worked for me multiple times and I’m sure it would for you as well! Battling Penguins in games like Card Jitsu and Sled Racing helped me make many of my friends.

After a battle or two, there’s a high chance your opponent would send a friend request and that’s just a start of a friendship waiting to happen! If they don’t, you can try sending a friend request! They might accept it or ignore it but it’s always worth a try!

4) Consider joining our army!

We are a very friendly community! I made friends for life in Help Force! You can chat with people about your common interests with them. We are more of a family than an army! ❤️

CPO is an amazing place to make friends. Make the best of it!

I hope this guide helps you make good friends!

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  1. I really like this. Great job! 😀

  2. Sounds great advice

  3. quiero unirme

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