Arcadium Times

Hello Helpers! Welcome to a new web series called… Arcadium Times! This is where I will be talking about what has been hosted within the Help Force Arcadium from one week ago!


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Why You Shouldn’t Pay Your Taxes (Yet)

Our glorious, gracious motherland thrives off the taxes of its hard-working residents. However, this prosperity has only been given to the Commanders and other high-ranking officials. The tax money that gets collected from us hard-working soldiers does not benefit us, but rather it benefits the bourgeois scum at the top of the HF pyramid scheme. This is why we should not and will not pay our taxes. For legal reasons, I am required to say that this post is completely satirical and that we should all pay our dues to our glorious, gracious motherland.

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Local Staff Member Launders Millions of Ayan Hats

Choco is once again back in the spotlight due to recent allegations of money laundering. Choco has a notorious criminal record, with the number of crimes he has committed being well above what we can count on our flippers. Cannibalism, stealing food, and having a skill issue in regards to women are just a few of his crimes.

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