Salutation Helpers. Today we logged onto Ice Breaker of CPABattleground for the one and only Semi Finals of the Christmas Chaos against the Rebel Penguin Federation. We’ve managed to fight hard today really put up one heck of a battle for them today although the results ended in a 1-1-2 win for the Rebels this time. Huge thanks to the Helpers that took their time to attend today, we could’ve never made a pretty impressive result without you guys! Huge thanks to all the staff and their hard work, as well as my fellow Commanders for leading amazingly today! GGs to the Rebels. The road doesn’t end here, cheers to more!

Max: 32+

Comment below if you attended!

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[EU] March Madness Tournament – Semi Finals vs Ice Warriors

Howdy, Helpers! As the weekend started, we logged on to CPRewritten for one of the most expected battles of this season. The Help Force faced the Ice Warriors and we managed to put up a great fight throughout all 4 rooms! This battle was led by Barnito and Nelly, resulting in a 1-1-2 win for the Ice Warriors.
We’ve all agreed that this was one of our best days here in Help Force, because of the amazing hype and hard work.¬†Great job, HF! You are, indeed, the Best Force!

Max: 80+

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