Help Force Takeover

Welcome back Helpers! On Saturday, The army logged onto ZIPLINE to host the Help Force Takeover Event!

This event was lead by our moderators, we visited the rooms dressed up for the new party and celebrated our achievement of reaching 4000 missions. Throughout the event everyone was hyped, giving out tactic ideas, and making sure each and every tactic was perfect. 
Here are some of the pictures taken during the Event:

Max : 50+



Marvel Igloo Raiding – SUCCESS

Hey there Helpers ,yesterday The Help Force logged into Zipline to host their Huge Event –Marvel Celebration + Igloo Raiding.

We performed Amazing Marvel-themed Tactics and Formations in various rooms around the island. After celebrating the party with our tactics, we hosted igloo raids, where we raided over 40+ igloos.

Here are some of the Pictures from the Event :

Max : 50