How To: War

Hey, what’s up Helpers? In today’s post we’ll be going over everything you’ll need to know about war.

War Environment

  • What is a war? A war is a period of time in which an army battles another consistently until one chooses to surrender. Wars consist of multiple scheduled battles and invasions.
  • The most crucial things are attending the battles, keeping the chat excited, and recruiting new members to join.
  • During a war, we also invade different servers owned by the opposing army(s). Servers are the territories which armies fight over. They are the main incentive for each battle.


Practice Battle VS ACP

Hey Helpers! Today we had a practice battle with our allies, ACP.

The battle was fought well from either side, but ACP won. Despite that, there was definitely a lot of effort put in by all the helpers! Let’s keep improving and get better for next time! Comment if you attended the battle.

Max: 25+


[EU] Parrot Event

Hey there Helpers! Today we logged on CPR – Marshmallow for a fun Parrot event.

The event today went very well. It went so well in fact, that Mr. Toastle informed us that going forward, promotions for EU events would be 25+! Let’s keep it up and keep maxing higher. Great job Helpers! Read on to see some great event photos and comment for a promotion if you were there.

Max: 25+


Boredom Bulletin

Hey Helpers! In light of recent events, I’m starting a limited time blog series for more entertainment to cure everyone’s boredom!

Table of contents:

  • Intro
  • Staying Safe
  • Polls
  • Pickups and Puns
  • Stuff Nobody Likes
  • Meme Contest


CP Oasis, Fly’s Igloo ~ Well of course, most of us are isolated and alone at home right now. Fortunately, I’m here to save us all from boredom! Here’s a new series full of random stuff that I came up with to keep everyone entertained. The staying safe section will be consistent through every article. It’s a short guide of tips for illness prevention. Polls may or may not be themed depending on what I feel like doing in each post! Pickups and Puns is a fun section for pickup lines, puns, and jokes that I’ve heard. “Stuff Nobody Likes” is a place to discover who else watches an unpopular show or listens to a growing artist. I hope it will bring people together and encourage more of you all to connect with each other! Meme Contest is self explanatory. I’ll attach an image and you guys can caption and send it to me. Sorry for the long intro but without further ado, here is the post!


[US] Green Takeover Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a Green penguin St. Patrick’s Day event!

We started in Blizzard town, but the large login queue prompted us to log on to Marshmallow instead. The event was very short, but was overall very fun! Make sure to comment if you came for a promo!

Max: 33+


Inside Out

Hey there Helpers! It’s time to get back inside the secrets of The Help Force. In this post, I’ll be bringing you news from deep within HF’s Staff.

Disclaimer: This post is rated PG – 13 due to swearing, sexual references, and adult humor used in the jokes. If you are not of that age category or maturity level, I would advise you to refrain from reading this post.


[US] Orange Propeller Takeover

Hey there Helpers! Today, we had an Orange Propeller Takeover on CPR!

We originally intended to log into town, but got rerouted to the dance club. During the event, we faced many costume changes! The first was changing our color to red in the dance club. Then we changed rooms to the iceberg and changed our colors back to orange, but wore the mining hat instead! :E5~2: After the iceberg, we returned to town and jumped back into our original uniform of the propeller hat. Overall, the event went well. Good job helpers! Make sure you comment if you attended for a promotion!

MAX: 30+