JTS Revival Event [Juanita Day Special!]

Hey Helpers! Today, we had a JTS event on CP Rewritten.

The event was lead by none other than our new main leader, Moon. After a long week of lots of recruiting and hard work, we reaped the rewards during the event. The event went very smoothly as we celebrated Juanita Day, honoring another one of our leaders, Juanita. Things are looking up for the rest of our new era! Click read more to see more pictures from the event!

MAX: 35+


US Dance Party Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged on CPR for a fun Dance Party! 

Today’s event was a HUGE success! The max exceeded our expectations and we had the opportunity to get lots of stamps! We earned the Red Penguin, Blue Penguin, Green Penguin, Yellow Penguin, 10 Penguins, and 25 penguins dance club stamps. After those, we earned the Dance Lounge stamp upstairs. To our surprise, Aunt Arctic paid a visit to our event! During our event, some of us even had a shot to meet AA. Click read more to see some more photos from our impressive event!

MAX: 40+


Huge US Stamp Event

Hey Helpers! Yesterday, we logged on CP Rewritten for a US timed stamp event.

We logged on CPR and first wore the Pizza Apron and Chef hat. Our first stamp was happy room in Snow Forts. After that, we moved to the Pizza Parlor for the pizza emote stamp. We then switched to the tree costume for the tree mob stamp. Keep unleashing the power of stamps! Click continue reading for more photos from the event.

MAX: 25+


US Training Event

Hey Helpers! Today we logged onto CP Rewritten for a training event!

After a lot of recruitment and hard work, we did another event at a later time. This time, the event was much more successful! Keep up the good work everyone. Special thank you to our Marshal Moon for leading this event! (Moon, you were great) Click continue reading to see photos from this event!

MAX: 34+