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Recap of Legends Cup XIV – First Week

Greetings Helpers! It’s your Admiral Diwix here!

Recently, a lot has been happening! Legends Cup XIV has everyone hyped and excited. This has led to some changes and preparations in the server. Let’s dive into our recap!

The Legends Cup updates started with a bang, with Beasto, Ayan, Wynn, and Scorp gathering with the staff to update the server with a more appealing, up-to-date visual. They basically revamped the server to make things look more simple, and cool. I honestly like it, makes everything easy and simple to access!

Next up was the Legends Cup update featuring the Stamp Hunters map. Week by week, we battle our way to the Legends Cup Final. Everyone prepared for our battle against the Army of Club Penguin with matching profile pictures and the theme “HUNTING CLOVERS” as our status. After training hard, the Helpers emerged victorious with an impressive 57 online!

Pre-battle preparation for the ACP battle. (thats me on the bottom right!!!)

After the release of the map, the Commanders re-released the the famous Recruiting Squadron program. They hired top-notch recruiters to boost the army’s numbers! With exciting competitions for the top volunteers, there are many awards and giveaways to be won. Make sure to join in for a chance at all the cool rewards!

We also welcomed a new bot to the army, thanks to the great work of Ayan and Scorp. The bot, Ozzy, has many cool functions, including the return of the famous Stamp book, old bot games, and much more! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already—there’s a lot to explore!


My stamp book (unfortunately empty😔)

Our battle against the Clovers has ended in triumph, paving the way for our journey through the Legends Cup Map. Now, we prepare for the Semi Finals against the Elite Guardians of CP. Our new theme, #UnfinishedBusiness, symbolises our determination to be finishing (winning) the business (Legends Cup).

This post is a call to action for all Helpers: do your part to help our Glorious Gracious Motherland achieve the victory we deserve. Everyone who participates in the battle will be eligible to join the after-party, where we will celebrate with a pizza slice to share. Note: Staff members are not invited. Let’s finish this business strong!



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