Double Trouble: Maya and Xtra

Hello helpers!! Welcome to the latest edition of your favourite blog, Double Trouble. The series where Dhanush and PinguMaliz hunt out the besties of Help Force, interview them, and test how much they know about each other. This week we will find out more about our fantastic and married duo, Maya and Xtra!


Welcome to the double trouble Maya and Xtra!

Maya: Hello Dhanush even tho I was forced for this interview

Xtra: Wagwan

Smh maya..So how do you guys feel being here together?

Maya: Scared for my life

Xtra: I’m loving it. Don’t listen to what she says. She is being dramatic as usual

Intresting..So for our first question…How did you guys first meet?

Maya: So back in 2020 the highest role in HF was called majors and we both had that role and we both were in a gc with others with the same role and that’s how we met

Xtra: Don’t you mean I annoyed you with my natural charm into being my friend?

Maya: What natural charm u didn’t start until 2021

Xtra: Ok Mayatheseventyfirst

So what would be the thing that attracted both of you to start up a conversation?  Maya was it really Xtra’s charm or did it naturally happen later?

Xtra: In all seriousness it probably just naturally happened.

Maya: It wasn’t his charm, he wishes. It was the vc’s and conversations we had in dms back then

Xtra: Sure Maya you keep on believing that

Maya: I will thank u

Oo so moving on.. We would really like to know how did you guys end up marrying each other and start a teee

Xtra: she forced me

Maya: I wanna say I was forced both times

Shut up

Xtra: bro ur lieing

Maya: I would never lie dhanush knows

Xtra: alright fam

So you both were forced to marry by each other?? Or someone else

Maya: No it was just me forced

Xtra: cap

Maya: Never, don’t listen to him

Xtra: shut it or i wont pay ur child support

Maya: U don’t anyways now

Xtra: Dhanush is my son (i think) he can vouch for me

Maya: Atleast u know one of ur kids

Xtra: not my fault you had multiple marriages before me

Maya: I didn’t- 😭

Xtra: sure

Dhanush, next question please bro before this turns into an argument

Maya: Can we argue anyways that’s what the people wanna see

Xtra: they legit see it everyday in hf

Maya: Exactly

Xtra: fair point

Maya: Where did dhanush go

For the readers who didn’t know, Maya and Xtra have 4 kids 6 grandkids and  7 great grandchildren

Maya: Good lord

I love u all xtra doesn’t

Xtra: in my defense, she told me we had kids after we got married. so not my fault

Maya: U should know these things tho

Xtra: stop

 I admire your relation.. Okay so next question, If you guys ever met IRL where would you go first together?

Xtra: London. Bc she rly wants to go.

Maya: I wanna say the beach somewhere but ik what his answer is going to be 😭

smh see

Xtra: HAHA

Maya: London would be fun to visit if I don’t have to deal with xtra

Xtra: :sip

Maya: Shush

Xtra: make me

Oo that’s ehem I don’t know what to say so I’ll just ask the next question..So if you ever go on a date, does the Gentleman need to pay after the end of a date? And is he going to pay for the next time too?

Xtra: Yes I will

Maya: How thoughtful

Xtra: Anything for you wife

Aww that’s just so romantic <3 So moving on what is your best memory together in and out HF?

Xtra: Probably the endless nights talking in voice chat about our future as a married couple

Maya: Idk what other memories outside we have besides spamming each other on social medias

Xtra: you mean me bullying you on other social medias

Maya: I’m glad u figured that out

Xtra: 💅

Oo that’s fun..Have you ever recommended anything to each other and actually done it??

Xtra: She forced me to get a switch so I could crush her on Mario Kart

Maya: That’s not true and he wanted a switch anyways

Xtra: yea yea

What are the qualities you admire the most about each other? And if there was one thing you could change about the other. What would it be?

Maya: I would say his humor bc he atleast makes me and other people laugh in dms and hf, but one thing I would change his bullying and teasing against me I would have blocked him by now

Xtra: thats just rude

I would say i admire how kind and caring she is but I would change how many donuts she eats. Legit bro its mad. Theres a reason i call her a donut. This girl legit eats like 4 donuts a day LIKE BRO HOW TF DO U EVEN EAT 4 DONUTS A DAY so yh id defo change that

Maya: Bro I don’t eat donuts it’s just him

Xtra: cap

Maya: He’s the donut in this interview

Xtra: shut it mayoop

4 donuts everyday?!?? That’s just next question, what would you want your relationship tag to be?


Maya: I hate how he said it so fast

Xtra: it was always gonna be that

Haha that’s very nicee!! So is there a song you both are very fond of??

Maya: He really loves the High School Musical songs bc he watched all 3 original movies and loved it so much

Xtra: in my defence i hadnt seen any of them before we watched them and now i love them tbh

Oo that’s epicc! So the time you both first met..Were there any first impression on each other

Xtra: ngl i was scared of her 😂

Maya: Ofc u were

I generally thought Xtra didn’t like me and wanted to talk to me bc he had other friends in HF

Xtra: shut it

i wasnt scared scared but like what she said i thought she didnt like me so yh

Maya: Wow

That’s interesting you both were scared of each other first and now a very amazing duo! What cartoon character like disney, pixar etc you think the other is? Is Maya really Moana?

Maya: For Xtra I was going to say Maui bc he like to tease me and he hates when I get annoying

Xtra: She is definitely Moana. Nobody else comes close tbh. They have the same temperament as both Moana and Maya want to leave home and go live on a boat


Maya: Shushhh let it be

Xtra: i never tease u or get annoyed

shut it maya go live on ur boat

Maya: I will thanks

Go live in ut hole

Xtra: 😑

Ooo, so before we end.. Would you guys like to tell/share anything to the readers?

Xtra: actually yes

i have something to share

Maya: Oh god

Xtra: ok









Maya: I’m going to cry

I wanna tell the readers not to come and throw snowballs at Xtra when u see him in chat or any time u can pls and thanks

Xtra: shut it

Maya: Watch me




Thank you both for this amazing Interview!!

WE’RE HAVING A CLUB PENGUIN WEDDING?! How amazing is that? We are very happy for you guys of course 😊 And you all better attend >:) But are Maya and Xtra really suited for marriage? Do they know everything about each other? One way to find out is by having them take the Double Trouble friendship test! It consists of 6 random multiple choice questions the interviewees first have to answer for themselves, and then what they think the other person said. Let’s start by finding out if Xtra is a good husband…

If you could time travel, would you rather go to the future or the past?

Maya: i would say future

Xtra: i think maya said future 

Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Maya: sour candy

Xtra: hope maya said sweet

What’s your preferred weather? Sunny, snowy, or rainy?

Maya: this is tough, i wanna say snow

Xtra: if maya said rain or snowy ill fight her

Do you prefer using lol, lmao, or XD?

Maya: i use lol more than the other two

Xtra: i think maya said lmao

What pet would you rather have as your sidekick? Parrot, butterfly, dog, or frog?

Maya: omg they all sound fun, but i prob do a dog

Xtra: maya probs prefers dog

What instrument do you prefer to listen to? Piano, guitar, drums, or trumpet?

Maya: i like listening to piano

Xtra: maya probs piano

Looks like we’re going to have a fight, the foundation for every happy and healthy relationship xD Xtra got half of them right, let’s see how the wife will do!

If you could time travel, would you rather go to the future or the past?

Xtra: i would go to the future

Maya: he would say future

Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Xtra: sweet

Maya: i think sweet (i hope)

What’s your preferred weather? Sunny, snowy, or rainy?

Xtra: sunny

Maya: i wanna say sunny or snowy, hmm

good lord, ill go with snow

Do you prefer using lol, lmao, or XD?

Xtra: i prefer lmao

Maya: uses lol prob more

What pet would you rather have as your sidekick? Parrot, butterfly, dog, or frog?

Xtra: id prefer parrot

Maya: i wanna say a dog also

What instrument do you prefer to listen to? Piano, guitar, drums, or trumpet?

Xtra: i prefer drums

Maya: i would say prob drums

2/6 correct answers for Maya, that gives the duo a combined score of 42 %! Not as high as I would expect from a married couple, but it’s okay! Do not forget, 16/06/2024 is the day that has been chosen for Xtra and Maya to reinforce their marriage, by having a second wedding. What kind of chaos will go on there? All we can do is wait and see.. Be there, or we will get sad 🙁 But that is all we have for you today! We really hope that you have enjoyed this week’s Double Trouble and that we will see you next week when we get to know a new pair of HF besties!

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