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Song of the Week #16

Hello and welcome to another Song of the Week! Archana is here to give you a wonderful game song by our lovely general, SonicEvanx! Bringing us his amazing song from one of his favorite games!

Song: Find your flame by SEGA sound team, Kellin Quinn, Tomoya Ohtani, Tyler Smyth

Here’s what SonicEvanx had to say about the song:

as your local sonic enjoyer I must recommend one of my favorite sonic songs ‘find your flame’ besides yknow the obvious its a song from a sonic game I just love this heavy metalish feeling it has? its just a song that goes so fucking hard I love it, and in the context of the game which is against a boss it makes it even more cool. Well this is a relatively new game so yknow im always on top when it comes to releases of my favorite games I saw a streamer play the game and get to this part and I was like ayo? metal in my sonic game??? and it instantly became one of my faves

The song Find Your Flame by SEGA Sound Team, Kellin Quinn, Tomoya Ohtani, and Tyler Smyth is a good song, especially if you’re someone who likes metal songs. The song consists of electric guitar, bass guitar, synthesizers, drums, and vocals from Kellin Quinn. He’s a nice singer who has a husky voice and suits the game theme song. He is the lead vocalist of the American rock band Sleeping with Sirens, and his vocal style is characterized by its range, intensity, and emotional delivery. In “Find Your Flame,” Quinn’s vocal performance likely adds depth and intensity to the song, enhancing its emotional impact and complementing the energetic instrumentation.

Sonic The Hedgehog “Find Your Flame” is a song featured in the video game “Sonic Forces,” released in 2017. It’s performed by SEGA Sound Team, with vocals by Kellin Quinn and music composed by Tomoya Ohtani, with additional production by Tyler Smyth. In the context of “Sonic Forces,” the song serves as one of the main themes, encapsulating the themes of empowerment, resilience, and determination, which are central to the game’s storyline. The lyrics encourage the player, who takes on the role of the customizable avatar character, to rise up against adversity, find their strength, and fight for what they believe in. The phrase “Find Your Flame” likely refers to discovering one’s inner fire or passion, harnessing it to overcome challenges, and making a difference in the world. This song is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Deezer. No copy-write law in the universe is going to stop me. And here is a playlist to listen to when you want to hear rock songs to boost up your mood, See you next week on another Song of the Week!!

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