Get to Know Your Staff – BEASTO

Hello lovely readers of Help Force! I am back with with another part of Get to Know Your Staff, in which we will be meeting the staff! Today’s guest is… absolute beast, funny and gets banned all the time! I present you king of the monkes BEASTO!

Hello Beasto how are you doing today?

I’m doing fantastic ty, wbu

I’m great thanks for asking! So Beasto we are here to learn about you, what can you say about your hobbies, and what you like to do?

I spend most of my time gaming tbh, I go out with my friends and family a lot, I try to study a bit whenever I have to and I sometimes enjoying doing graphic design to pass time while having fun at the same time!

Cool hobbies for sure! So back to Help Force. How did you find out about Club Penguin armies and what inspired or who influenced you to join Help Force?

Well I didn’t really know about Armies until I joined the Help Force obviously in January 2021 and even when I was recruited by Mandal, he gave me the idea that this is more of a gaming server than a Club Penguin army, I joined and entered a Krunker event against Ice Warriors which then made me more involved in the Community after that.

Mandal really finds good quality recruits LOL! Very interesting, so Beasto why did you want to be a staff member, what are your goals? What is the best thing about being a staff member and what is your advice to those who wants to be staff?

At first I wanted to become a staff member to gain experience as mod, before HF I was a mod at different servers but I was more an event host than a mod. Joining HF helped me focus on becoming a mod and improve myself. My goals are not very clear at the moment, but I can say reaching Commander is a long shot goal which could happen later in the future, and honestly the best thing about being staff is enjoying your time while bringing order and fun in the community. For those who want to become staff, make sure to eat well before u join.

Thanks for you answers Beasto! We have came to the end of our time, thanks for participating! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we end the interview?

Reject the world, Embrace Monke


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