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ZIPLINE, Editor’s Table — Welcome back, Helpers, to the newest edition of The Help Force Beacon. After an exciting week of events, we bring to you HF’s weekly dose of entertainment!

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HF News

  • Pride Parade! This week we had a special community event with a lot armies to celebrate this month
  • HF 13! The awards are back this year! Make sure to vote for who you think deserves this award!

Helpers Book Club

Nothing without an amazing story section. Make sure to read this engrossing corner of the HF Beacon, and let us know if you want to write stories in the upcoming editions!

The Unicorn…? Pt I

— Mantiuxx

Once upon a time, in a faraway meadow, there lived a horse named Sparkles. Sparkles had always dreamed of being a unicorn. Every day, he would gaze at his reflection in the pond, imagining a majestic horn on his forehead.

One sunny morning, as Sparkles was frolicking in the meadow, he noticed a group of birds whispering and giggling amongst themselves. Curiosity got the better of him, and he trotted over to find out what was going on.

“What’s so funny?” Sparkles asked, his eyes wide with curiosity.

One brave little bird chirped up, unable to contain its laughter. “Sparkles, you’re not a unicorn! You’re just a regular horse!”

Sparkles was taken aback. “What? But I’ve always believed I was a unicorn. I even have my own special dance!” With that, Sparkles pranced around, attempting to imitate a unicorn’s graceful movements.

The birds burst into laughter, unable to contain themselves. Sparkles blushed, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and disappointment. He had been living in his own magical world, completely oblivious to the reality of his horse nature.

Game Corner

This section features a new puzzle every week for you to play. You can send your completed puzzle to mantiuxx#0002 in dms!


.Find the exit of the picture below. (submit ss with the path higlighted)

Art And Memes Corner

Skimming through the amazing submissions, we’ve chosen the best ones for the week! Make sure to submit your content in #art-memes if you want to get featured in the Help Force Beacon next week!


Person/Meme of the Week

The person of the week is someone who dedicates a lot of time and energy into the army. And they’re a meme.

Weekly Promotions

These people have worked very hard for the army this week, now its their time to be recognized! Make sure to congratulate them for their hard efforts.

Person – Lieutenant Colonel
IceQueen – Sergeant Major
SamMit – Lieutenant Colonel
!! xdFazzyLit !! – Specialist
Pip – Commando Brigade
Chocogirl99 – Commando Brigade
Beedie – Supreme Helper
Banban – Sergeant

Question of the week:

Birds or Fish?

Submit Your Content

Know any good jokes? Have some thoughts you want to share, want some extra sapphires? Next week the best submissions will be featured in this part of the Beacon! Check the bottom of the post for procedure of submissions.

DM mantiux#0002 on Discord the answers to the games, question of the week, to send some ships, stories, and any content submissions to win Points (20 points for submitting content):HFSapphire:!

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