Get to Know Your Staff – Snowflake

Hello lovely readers of Help Force! Today i am back with another part of Get to Know Your Staff! Today’s guest is our baldy second in command, someone who is awesome, very kind and funny SNOWFLAKE!! 

Yoda: Hello Snow how are you doing now these days?

Hello only bald of HF, i am on a Strike Snowy made 2ic Ugly GREEN so it’s pain.

Yoda: Poor Snowflake rip so Snow as you know i am here to learn about you what can you say about your hobbies, what you like to do?

One of my main hobbies protesting banning Ugly GREEN FOREVER, irl I kickbox, free dance style and since last year I found a hobby I LOVE horseback riding, I do it every weekend.

Yoda: Nice hobbies Snow we condemn green from here! Back to Help Force how did you find out about club penguin armies and what inspired or who influenced you to join help force?

On CPO always avoided the bizarre crowd at Town who were advertising until I saw one of the names in Blue, it was Spotty she was a mod advertising for HF I made a discord account and joined HF on 8th of October 2019 8:35 PM, I joined for Blue and they are making me Ugly GREEN BAN the colour.

Yoda: this green is trouble for us ig LOL! So Snow why did you want to be a staff member, what were your goals? What is the best thing about being a staff member and what is your advice to those who want to be a staff?

For sure just give up on it to have peace.
After months after I was given the High Commands with Wynn August 2020 (honour rank at HF) I felt I wanted to learn more there was so much that I didn’t know about armies. My goal was one to be a Great 2ic like a wonderful 2ic back then. Best thing about being staff for me fun events and joking with members. And my advice to anyone who wants to be staff, if you have no patience or ability to accept guidance if your personal if you don’t know how to manage time, Don’t think of being staff in armies work on your personal life. Staff is not about power and bossing people around in so many situations you will have to put your personal feelings aside.

Yoda: Thanks for your anwers snow! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers before we finish? 

I hope you enjoy HF madness & real life. Banning Ugly GREEN should always be on your list.

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