By Anonymous: The Helpers Guess Pt.3

Hey Helpers! We are back with another edition of the By Anonymous: The Helpers Guess, the Helpers are back at it again, they are writing messages to people and making sure to always be beautiful with their words!

How does this work?

Some people got asked to anonymously write something towards some of their friends in the Help Force server, it could be towards one person, a duo, or a group of people. The people that received those messages have to guess who wrote it and this time I gave the writers the choice whether to be anonymous or not.


They are nice, they are caring he likes to make people feel safe and calm.
– Danplays

Guess: Selene

Keep aiming higher and higher. Don’t ever stop fighting. You’re an incredible person and leader.
– Nell

Guess: Nell

To Snowy

Snowy you are the best, I would love to Vc with you and Maya one day like I used to do before, you both are the best twin oreos :>>>

Guess: Foxy

To Elp

We all know that you’re the greatest and you goof around all the time, but I may take the chance to thank you for the person you are. You’ve been around for years and never left HF’s side, never left the staff’s side, never left the troops’ side, and never skipped a generation without putting your stamp within. You truly are the Help Force Guardian for a reason. Taking all the jokes we experience with you daily aside, thank you for the behind the scenes of your personality, the one that never lets go and never fails to show care even without saying it. Insane respect to who you are to The Help Force and to me as a person.
– Anonymous


To Snowflake

Snowflake please give me cookie and milk, and lets have a beautiful story time all day and listen to christmas music, ilysm you are a great friend

Guess: Mayathefirst

To NeoBlaze

I’ve very happy that you’re still sticking around. Keep walking through the storm. The rainbow is on the other side.
– Nell

Guess: Valor

To Javi

Best of luck with those exams. You’re already quick-witted and intelligent. You’re gonna pass everything with flying colours.
– Nell

Guess: Nell

To Mandal

Thank you for being such a good friend, for listening and helping. You’re incredible and I hope I can count on you as my lawyer someday hehe
– Nell

Guess: Vixx

To Skillz 

Thank you for always sticking around, being friendly and nice, not only to me but all troops and everyone in the server. 🫂
– Nell

Guess: Snowflake

To Jonathan

Daily reminder that you are a special person and Designer :>

Guess: Traffy Lit

To Wynn

Hii lovely wynn, it’s definitely been a while, I’m sorry I missed you’re whole leadership, i would’ve loved to have been there for it, thank you for being such an inspiration to me while I was active, you were definitely like a sister to me while I was I’m sorry if I did anything to affect that other than leave HF all behind which I’ve definitely grown to regret. Stay strong, you do so much for everyone but please put yourself first even if it’s a nice self care day/night, you deserve that and the world, ilysm, if you need anything even if it’s just a shoulder to vent on I’ll always be here. I’m so proud of you always :heart26:
– Traffic Light

Guess: Traffic Light

To Traffic Light

It should’ve been said earlier, but better late than never. It’s terrific to see you back and active again. I hope everything’s going alright for you. You’re a very strong and brave person and deserve all the love in the world. 🫂
– Nell

Guess: Snowflake


I’m glad you’re back, that you’re advancing and you’re so active on all fields, army and news. Thank you for making me laugh and feel included. Keep going and achieve that dream of yours to be leader.
– Nell

To Chonky Finn

who once was the HF Mascot – Wherever you are, we hope you’re in a better place. We miss you and we thank you for your service to the Motherland. :salute~2:
– Nell

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