Office Inspection: Rooboo

After inspecting Maya’s poor office, I decided to raise the bar a little and then I have called Rooboo. He wouldn’t reject me of course! But I am not going to lie I wasn’t expecting this until he suspiciously welcomed me to his duengon.. 

Yoda: Hello lovely readers of Help Force. We are back with another part of office Duengon? Interview! (Sadly, I had to visit another office because des was washing dishes. What a monke!) Hello Rooboo would you mind giving us a tour?

Howdy, welcome welcome to the Dungeon. First of all, I have no office but it’s an old abandoned dungeon that was remade as a hidden palace under the grounds. We only capture the souls of the wanted here but since you are a visitor of awareness, you shall be given permission to enter and leave safely. There are many cells of the wanted here and some hidden stuff that shall not be named.
Yoda: Good thing i forgot my soul at home even though I’m safe haha! (I hope I can leave in one piece) Very interesting place to choose for a kind commander like you. Would you like to tell us why did you choose a dungeon to work and organize our community’s plans?

Be not afraid my friend, you are with me. I chose the dungeon because it’s hidden. Mysterious and hidden places are always hard to find and hard to understand what’s within. It’s a place I chose to leave my treasures and belongings. In the end of the day, it’ll be a place for generations to see and be amazed with without fully getting the fullest of it. Our community needs a hidden place to hold what’s needed of it and the truest of secretes forever will lie in the unknown.

Yoda: Did he mean March Madness victory with treasures? Ah oh spoiler alert for future folks! Rooboo can you show us the main part of dungeon where you work?

Kind of yes. Our plans are only shown to the High Command and Staff. Come along…. This is my closed-off, dark dungeon. It’s like a cell but for the owner. I use this area to plan my duties, hold the wanted’s information, and be alone thinking. I use candles to light up my areas, glass and rocks to write on the walls. Because secretes are hidden, I have parchment and quill to write with.

Yoda: Interesting, remind me to buy you a pen. What else can you show us?

There is a hidden cell fill of Moana’s Lollipops and Desi’s Coconuts. I’ll share something… The dungeon is the origin of the food we offer. Why was staff always hungry? Because it was awaiting my opening of the dungeon as commander. Now I give the offices food and drinks and they offices give the whole server! There’s an area for working out and an area that has the HF achievements. More yet to be mentioned.

Yoda: Oh my, I hope we have enough budget for all that! I’m excited to work out in there after hearing all! Unless Elp does not cut from my salary of course. Talking about it do you plan to open more offices?

Nobody is allowed to work in there yet but what’s inside shall be shown to the High Command and Staff but not everything of course. Commanders have the opportunity to open offices in the meantime. Don’t worry, taxes get higher the more you work and open offices.

Yoda: Alright thanks for the info and for your hospitality Rooboo. Can you lead us to exit safely?
It’s always my pleasure. Of course, safely… After you into the darkness that leads to light…..
Here is my rating:
Safety: 10/10 (no soul can enter freely)
History: 10/10 (famous visitors were here)
Purpose: 10/10 (just right place to ban visitors)
Chaos: 10/10 (visitors have no rights)
Overall: 10

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