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Dynasty House: The Legendary Helpers – Elpiojo123

Hey Helpers! Today on the Dynasty House series we will be doing something different from the usual posts. In this part of the series we will be interviewing Help Force Veterans that got the privilege to be considered HF Legends in their Hall of Fame. Today’s guest is someone special to everyone in the community for sure, the one and only, the greatest, Elpiojo123.

Elpiojo joined the Help Force back in 2018, he has proved himself to be very useful in the army. He became a leader in 2019 alongside Ayan and Spotty and they were called together the Triads. He always worked hard on making sure that the army is stronger and more active every day, as he led the army through many wars and tournaments, and he made sure that the US division of the community is always trying its best. Elp has always been the goofy Helper, he always brought happiness and joy to the chat, he is also known for causing chaos every now and then in the chat in the name of the Lice. Read the interview below to find out more about him.

Hello Elp, how are you doing in this fine day?

I am great
Because I am the greatest

As always :elpisthegreatest~1:can you tell us when did you join the Help Force? and how?

Ahh yes… that fateful day back in CPO where I was just a young innocent lad wanting to relive his childhood by playing Club Penguin and getting as many stamps as possible. I asked in the CPO discord for help to earn a stamp and that’s when I got it… the dm and question that would change my life. Ayan had dmmed me to join Help Force to earn stamps and I blindly joined, which that same day they weren’t so helpful btw. I think it was December 2018 when I first joined HF but it wasn’t until January 2019 that I became active

How did you become a Legend in the Help Force?

By being kidnapped and a hostage to a curry muncher, being his babysitter over 2 and a half years. That’s the short version of the story and the one I prefer

Do you feel proud of how much you have achieved so far in the Community, or do you feel like you could have achieved more?

Well how a HoF induction is made takes a lot of things into consideration and long debates of whether someone could make it. Not only their goals and achievement but their dedication and interaction with the community, the staff team and other armies as well. While I am not very known outside of HF, I am happy with what I have achieved in our Motherland. Went through many ups and downs, fun times, sad times, chaos times, drama and extreme drama times. Made friends, lost friends. From my cowboy times, to my hispanic community and now to my greatness, I have achieved a lot of things and I feel proud. Anyone can always achieve more, but one should know how to play their cards and step down for the new generations. It’s their time to shine now. We just advise them.

What was your most favorite moment in the Help Force?

Oof, there are a lot of times where I had fun in HF. Many memories, many favorite moments, but the one I’ll always take to my heart will be the Hispanic VC parties, a.k.a. fiesticholas. They were so popular and fun that the non-spanish speakers were so jealous, Ayan and Spotty tried to join, failed, and then tried to shut it down. We were almost always having a fiestichola and having fun. Well, that was before all the drama happened but we don’t talk about that. Another favorite moment is my amazing stamp segments. ALASKA – MALL, THROW A COIN INTO THE FOUNTAIN TO BEGIN THE SEGMENT.

Who do you consider your closest friends in the Community?

I am not allowed to disclose that. Yours & the reader’s clearance is not high enough to know. But it’s not Ayan if that’s what you’re wondering.

You are known for hanging around the Help Force mines mostly during US times, but what else do you do in your free time outside of the online world?

I am engulfed in a lot of business meetings, spreading the word of my greatness and making others also submit to the one and only way: Elp is the greatest. Also college. That and my two jobs.

As a former HF Commander, how do you consider that a Help Force staff is doing a great job?

Depending on the times and how the Commanders set the goals and objectives for the army. How a staff was doing a good job back in my times is not the same as how one would be doing one nowadays. But something they must show is dedication. If they are not motivated to help the army grow, participate in the activities, help new members rank up, they aren’t worth of being a staff. It’s a privilege and a responsibility. But as always, the IRL issues matter more than a virtual penguin army.

If you were asked to return as a Commander in the community but you have to bring one of the former commanders with you, who would you bring?

Absolutely not.
I am not returning. Not even fictionally speaking.

To end this interview, what would you like to say to the fellow people reading this Post?

Don’t give up, many people will be against you but your best support is going to be yourself. And always remember: Elp is the greatest.

You have reached the end of the post lovely readers! Thank you for reading the post, make sure to like the post if you enjoyed it! will see ya all next time 🙂

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