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Hey there lovely Helpers! Today on the Dynasty House we are going to be interviewing someone who is very known to play some music in the voice chats, and He is known for sleeping in the VCs sometimes and also for his funny giggly laugh. Please everyone welcome today’s guest, The best Goos in the Help Force, Plotter!

Plotter joined the Help Force about 3 years ago, he was recruited by our dear former Commander Nell, who plotters consider one of his closest friends till this day as you will find that in the interview down below. He rose up the ranks since the moment he joined the Help Force and made many new friends along the way, until he became a staff member during November 2021 and then after 6 months announced his Retirement. Read the interview below to find out more about him.

Hello Plotter, how are you doing today?

im okay, I’ve been managing my part time job well on top of my other activities.

When did you join the help force? and how?

hehe ofc i joined help force in june 2020. I was searching for the hidden duck float in the catalogue but couldn’t. I had come across nell and she had helped me. She told me she initially never planned on recruiting but I’m glad that she did.

How did you get the dynasty role?

I got dynasty role from being a staff member. I managed to work until i reached marshal before I realised that i needed to shift my attention to more important things unfortunately. I can say i enjoyed my time as staff though.

What was your biggest achievement/moment as a staff member?

getting promotions for me already seemed like achievements hehe. But I think what i really considered as an achievement was getting to lead and showing people my skills of playing with words with tactics that I made. I would think i was rather spontaneous so I had quite a few interesting tactics. It kept me busy and I used to anticipate my turn at spewing out tactics.

What was your favorite tactic during an event led by you?


Do you feel special being a dynasty member?

it does feel special because you get to see the side of other dynasty members and get to know them better. For me, i got to relate with quite a few of them and im still quite good friends with some. Its also quite a status haha.

Is there someone you consider your closest friend in HF? and if yes who?

The closest lisa, neo, alex and nell, i think they know me the best and I often enjoy opening up to them about anything i could possibly think of.

What hobbies do you have that you enjoy so much?

I involve myself in a lot of music. I play many instruments like the ukulele as most people may know and I spend a lot of time on spotify. Besides music, i play a lot of sports and go to the gym regularly. I even tend to dabble in some programming and coding. I pick up new hobbies every now and then so its hard to list them all.

What is your favorite sport?

definitely football, i had played for the national U17s team for a while too 😀

If you had two tickets to go to a very luxurious Hotel and have a very cozy and a relaxing vacation, who would you choose from the Help Force to go with you?

I’m bringing nell for sure, she needs a break fr 😭

As a former staff member, what would you like to tell the current staff Members to end this interview?

its really important to know how to engage everyone from the old members to the new ones. They all have different needs and experiences so it is important to stay up to date with them to make sure they’re enjoying and so that changes can be made if necessary. I used to and still believe in ensuring that everyone is included.

That’s it for today friendly Helpers! Make sure to like and comment below if you enjoyed reading the Post! till next time

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