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Welcome back, Helpers and Dreamers. It’s The Witty Dreamer’s Handbook again! We are here with another exciting dream by Revlerie. This time, the dream is adventurous. So get yourself some popcorn and be ready to enter the Dreamworld of Rev!

LAST DAY – A dream from rev

One hot summer, I was walking through a deserted city looking for supplies. There were no supplies, or food, not even a sign of a living creature. After walking all across the city my feet started to tremble. I needed some rest, but no place felt safe. While passing by a huge mall I heard a glass window break and it was JO! I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but I couldn’t. Jo was chasing Choco with a pan. It was hilarious to watch them.

A loud siren rang across the city. Jo, Choco, and I decided to walk away from the city as we could see a massive army of goblins led by Shrek marching towards us from the other side of the city. We walked as far as we could till the city was not in our vicinity.

Jo and Choco seemed to not care about anything, happily running and playing around all the way. Far through the dusty winds and with my blurry eyes, I saw something unusual other than just sand. Someone was standing still like a statue. As I walked closer I could recognize him, It was DESIREUS! I was thankful for the lifts he gave me in his car.

He started the engine and drove it in style. He shouted, “What the hell are you doin’ here Javi?” Javi replied “Look at me! Ya think I’m fine?”
We tagged her along considering she could die any second in these wastelands. After reaching a quiet destination which was previously someone’s camp, we started to look for more supplies. Jo still holding the pan started to chase Choco once again.

Choco tripped over something, it was a lever! He called everyone immediately. Desireus decided to pull it and he did. The sand under us started to go deep inside Earth pulling us all along with it. We all screamed. After a while, I opened my eyes, it was dark, and the only light that came in was from the massive hole from where we fell. Soon Desireus, Javi, Jo, and Choco were on their feet.

We helped each other and started to explore the place. Choco’s eagle eyes spotted a sign from afar. It said “Hippo’s Playhouse”. By the time we could think of what it could be, we all were teleported to a science fiction lift.

It was the Goblin’s trap! They started to chase us. Walver entered the scene like a superhero and started to fight the goblins with the lightsaber. Choco in the chaos yelled at Jo, “You numbskull! Be useful for once and use your pan to kill them!”

After surviving the countless waves of goblins, we then teleported to my math classroom. Archana glanced at the spray bottle on the teacher’s table.

Oh no! This can only mean one thing!

And off the spraying rampage, she goes.


That’s it for this week’s Witty Dreamer’s Handbook! We will be back with more awesome dreams.
If anyone likes to share their dream with us, you guys are free to DM me – JazXD#5918.

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