The Biggest War Yet

It was a sunny day in August, the end of the summer was near and everyone would leave the Club Penguin Island to go back to school and work. The threat of losing activity in the Help force was imminent, so Snowy and Wynn decided to increase the number of events and restart patrol duties around the island to ensure everything went smoothly. Mantiuxx was on patrol duties, because it was either that or being sent to the mines again, and he thought it would be a normal day without any incident.

“Honestly, I have no idea why we have to walk around the island for hours,” Mantiuxx grumbled to himself. “Nothing ever happens anyways, and I’m sweating under all this fur, but I must finish my shift.”

He waded through the water at the Cove, looked around while walking through the forest, and searched the Mines, but he found nothing suspicious. He re-entered the forest when he noticed that the boulder covering the secret entrance to the Underground Caves was slightly ajar. He climbed down the ladder and stared at the cave. It had many passages, and one could get easily lost down there and end up in another part of the island. Ever since maps were fixed to be more reliable, and portals were added in the mines, the Underground Caves were abandoned.

“Well, it doesn’t hurt to check down here, after this I’ll go back and report my non-existent findings,” said Mantiuxx.

He started walking down one of the paths and realized that something was terribly wrong: he narrowly sidestepped a landmine and jumped over a tripwire. 

“What in the world is going on here! This place was abandoned years before I came here, why are there so many traps?” Mantiuxx wondered as he walked deeper into the passage. He was about to turn back when he noticed a light at the end of the path.

“This keeps getting stranger and stranger, but if I turn back now, I’ll never get to the bottom of this.”

He slowly approached the light and saw shadowy figures moving around and bursting into raucous laughter every few seconds. He didn’t recognize any of the voices, what had he stumbled upon? In fear of being discovered, he didn’t dare move any closer, and he picked up some words:

“That blue people army, the smurfs….teach them a lesson….have no idea what’s going on…”

“They need to keep a better eye on who they invite…..”

“I bet their motherland isn’t even that glorious……”

“And that other army, why haven’t they melted……not cool enough…”

Mantiuxx listened in shock as these people kept trash talking various armies, and even said things that he dared not repeat in good company. He had to tell someone about this, people needed to know, they sounded like they wanted a war to start! He turned to leave when he heard a familiar voice shouting over the din.

“You all have made a grave mistake, when I get free from these bindings you’ll regret ever being born!”

It was Snowy! Mantiuxx wondered how Snowy got captured, then it hit him: he had no one to report to for the next few hours; Wynn was asleep for the first time in months, the 2ics were planning a future battle, and the admirals were buying their outfits for the event later that day. He could tell the marshals or generals, but there wouldn’t be enough time. He had to act now.

To be continued…

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