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Mayathefirst’s Retirement Post

Everyone’s dream of Maya being banned or kicked is finally happening now, because she’s retiring  As you can probably tell by this announcement, I am retiring today. Real life as we all know is coming back to normal and I have alot of things happening and coming up in life.

I know people don’t like reading long messages, but hey you can read this anyway. I wanna thank all you helpers for making this a memorable army and server, I never expected to make it this far and still be here as staff for 2 years. HF wasn’t actually my first army surprisingly , but I’m glad I ended up becoming active here because I wouldn’t have met so many people and learned so much. I want to thank the previous Commanders: Barney, Nell, Ayan, and Elp for giving me the opportunity to make it this far up and be able to help with everything. I learned a lot from you guys and it has really given me a different view on everything. I didn’t realize how much work and energy goes into events or even war. Also thank you Barney and Nell for always being there for me when I first got staff and always helping me in every possible way, from playing on HFI everyday to having fun games and helping with events. We have many memories from those. Also to all the old 2020 staff members that were here when I got staff and helped me in many ways that got me to where I am today. Thank you guys for all those memories that really showed how amazing HF is and how it still stands strong.

I want to also especially thank the staff and junior staff that may have retired or are still here that have helped me throughout all of this. I would be sitting here writing a message for each of you guys but you guys made this experience so fun and special, it was amazing to get to work with you all and see you all grow and become the ranks you are today. Even if you thought hcom was scary or you didn’t want to lead or help with anything, I hope you at least got to see and enjoy the chaos and work staff and junior staff have to do for everything. Also thank you to some of you guys like Deli, Diwix, Choco, Insane, Panda, Sam and much more people and some helpers, that would always dm me good morning or just to ask how I was doing when I was having a rough day, it really did help me get through everything.

To the 2nd group of commanders, Wynn and Snowy, whom I got to work under, I give you guys big props for keeping this server alive and all the work you put into this. Even though we had ups and downs with things, you guys still kept your heads high and kept strong for us. Thank you two for being there for me and always answering my dms and guiding me, I’m glad I got to be staff during your leadership. All those memories and events that happened during your leadership, I will never forget them. Also to the new commanders Rooboo and Desirsus, ik you guys will be amazing and help Snowy lead this army stronger and better, you both have shown so much effort and time into this and i’m glad we have you here. I know I wasn’t able to be here long under your leadership but ik you guys know what you’re doing and will make us proud.

To the High Commands, you guys have shown so much efforts and support during events, battles, wars, etc. It wouldn’t be the same without you guys being here with me through it all, thank you guys. Especially Rooboo, Diwix, Joe, Ru, Wynn, Snowy, Jayden, Snowflake, Scorp, Ameliaa, Desirsus, Alex, Yoda, and Nervous, thank you guys for making hcom the challenge and experience I’ll never forget and no one will ever understand 

To Desirsus, Alex and Eshal, thank you guys for becoming that one group of close best friends where we talked and vced almost every day during the summer when I was bored and had the best funny memories. We didn’t talk at all until we all became staff, but then also with cough Eshal’s crazy mind, we all started talking and became close and look how our crazy minds and those moments we have now as great memories to remember forever and I hope to make more with you guys. There’s probably more things I could say, but I think you guys can agree it would take a lot of time to write.

To Xtra, Snowflake, Ameliaa, Monika, Nafis, Diwix and other majors, thank you guys for being og majors and being the best close friends i could ever ask for, wouldn’t have stayed in the server after reaching the highest rank if we didn’t have those chaos and chats everyday in 2020. Even if everyone else is gone, we still have all those memories and the friendship that will last. Nothing we do now will ever beat 2020 days we had in HF when we were just bored out of our minds during classes or work and we would just start talking in that “secret channel” causing chaos while Barney and Elp just lurked and watched us be weird. Without you guys, I honestly wouldn’t have had all those memories here and be wondering why I became a major in the first place. I would write a message for each of you guys, but think you guys know how our conversations were in dms and I honestly am happy I became such close good friends with you guys to help and to talk to about anything.

To Snowy and Mantiuxx, I honestly dont know what to even say to you two because you both know the chaos, challenges, talks and best memories we have gone thru together as US staff. I honestly didnt know if I ever have close friends in US timezone when I became staff in 2020 like all the other timezone staff did. I always thought I would end up being closer to other timezone staff which is half true. Then once snowy got staff and mantiuxx got junior staff, we somehow started talking and look at how it lead up to now  Thank you two for the best memories and for being there for me. Always listening to my weird moments on discord or irl and listening to my weirdness about things  Also to US night chaos we had pretty much every night by Elp or even us when we were that bored in chats, Ik I’ll still be around for them but it wont be the same as how it first started in 2021 and how all the US staff and Elp become known as the best chaotic timezone just from that with our inside jokes only we know about. I know US will be in good hands because you guys have other amazing US staff to keep it strong, and I will still come and try to attend any US events if Snowy gets them going 

There are so many more people to thank, I’m sorry if I didn’t thank you in this post, but just know you all have made an impact and I will never forget them and all the memories we had together! I will still be in the server as Cabinet Secretary, so if you ever want to talk or dm you always can! I know Help Force will grow and become even stronger and better because you guys have amazing Commanders that will do just that! Ily all and hope you guys will still make Help Force the Best Force it was when we all first joined! 


Help Force Second In Command


2 Responses

  1. It’s very sad you retired we’ll going to maybe bc you are old but we are gonna miss you

  2. Stay humble and good luck with everything, lollipop girl
    Thank you for everything. Without your help, we wouldn’t have made it so far.

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